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Health Bars Health Meter Replacement

This simply changes the color of the health bar from green to blue. Discuss this file here


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Health Bars Capt. Kick Ass needle

This has a choice of three colors, red, green, and blue, to replace the health bar with a hypodermic needle.


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Health Bars Another Health Meter

This is another health meter.


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Health Bars Just a health Meter

The title just about says it all. Its a nice looking health meter replacement.


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Health Bars Enough Already Health meter

This is yet another health meter.


No Screenshot
Health Bars Gold Edition Health Meter

Its a gold edition health meter (obviously).


Health Bars HP 124 Health Meter

Great looking blue health meter.


Health Bars Flakrider's Health Meter

A health meter that is blue when full, and shows skulls when empty.


Health Bars Lady in Camo

A healthbar that looks like a lady with camo all over her body.


Health Bars Naked Girl Health Meter

Warning this health meter shows nude tits And for many of you, its the closest you're ever gonna get :D


Health Bars Serg's healthbar

Healthbar by new-comer serg.. good job


Health Bars FynexFox's Health Bar

Here we have a great health bar made by FynexFox. Easy to see your status ingeame. Downalod it now and see for yourself.


Health Bars Jehuty Health Bar

Here we have a health bar that says "blah" when you are getting hurt.The red bar in the middle is the life indicator. A cool skin thats a...


Health Bars Jdws Blue Health Meter

Here we have a cool blue health meter that looks good ingame. Download it now and leave some feedback :rock:


Health Bars Camo Health Bar

This is a part of the Camo skins being released form Jehuty. This one is a very nicely done grenish camo health abr to match his compass ski...


Health Bars Chief's Thompson Health Meter

Here is another nice looking Health bar from edraircren, this time its in the shape of the Thompson. Go give it a try and see what you thin...


Health Bars M16 Health Bar

A cool little mod that adds a little design to the stock health bar.


Health Bars Loky's Healthbar

This is a simple mod that changes the health bar to look a lot better than the default.


Health Bars {D.O.B} Health Meter

A blue health meter. It shows flames when you are hit and becomes red. Looks great in mohaa!!


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Health Bars Devstar's Health Bar

A really nice health bar to replace the stock.


Health Bars Covert's Health Meter

A really cool Health Bar that is in the shape of a soldier.


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Health Bars Metallica Health Bar

This is a basic health bar for the metalica fans out there.


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Health Bars Doms Health-Bar

This is a nice new health bar skin.


Health Bars RD Health Meter

This health meter is made for personal use, but my brother liked it and he encouraged me to bring it on the internet. Also see the s...


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