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Health Bars Evil Pumpkin Health Pack

This file changes you regular health pack to an "Evil Pumpkin Health Pack" specially created for halloween by Pyromaniac, Enjoy ;)


Health Bars Springfield Health Meter

Replaces the original health meter with a Springfield sniper rifle, Go check it out and tell us what you think enjoy :D


Health Bars ACJ Healthmeter

A new Health bar for you to try out from A Cowboys Job This is a healthmeter with a sophisticated appeal. sleek and clean....


Health Bars Smooth Gray Health Bar

As the title suggests, you will end up with a smooth grey health bar. See the screenshot for the look of it.


Health Bars Chief's Canteen Health Meter

Here is nice looking new health meter, its done in the shape of a Canteen. Go give it a try and see what you think.


Health Bars Chief's KBar Health Meter

Here is another cool looking health bar from edraircen. Not as good as the canteen one, however some of you may like it. Go give it a test...


Health Bars Chief's KBar Health Meter

Here is version 2 of edraircren's K-Bar health meter. In this version you now have a choice between large or small health meter icon. Go...


Health Bars Chief's MP44 Health Meter

Here is another nice looking health meter from edraircren. Bored of your default one? Then go give this a try and see what you think.


Health Bars Chief's Skull Health Meter

Edraircen has gone Health Meter crazy :p Here is another great looking meter, made to match the compass he did, go give it a try and see wh...


Health Bars Loretta Long Health Meter

Here's a custom health meter I created from one of Magna Carta's skins. I used his Loretta Long player skin to make it (with his pe...


Health Bars HumanBody HealthBar

This file changes the look of your default heath meter, looks good in game, go give it a try.


No Screenshot
Health Bars Cloth Health Meter

Simple cloth looking Health Bar.


Health Bars Intrinsic's HealthBar

This skin changes the default health bar into sexy blond in military garb saluting. The health bar was also moved from the left of the scree...


Health Bars Franklin's cool healthbar

This mod simply changes the original health bar into a black & orange health bar.


Health Bars Beer Health bar

A Newcastle Brown Ale health bar, I originaly made it for =FCF=Mr.RestinPeeses and myself, as we are big fans of the brown stuff!! But t...


Health Bars Legend Of Zelda Health Meter

Hi im back with my remade LOZ health meter this one i redid and put screenshots so hopefully you will leave comments and tell me if there ar...


Health Bars Hellsing - Victoria Health Bar

Yep, it's a new Health Bar with Seras Victoria from the anime Hellsing. It's my first try with skinning, so I know it could be better.


No Screenshot
Health Bars new health bar

this replaces your origonal health bar with a cool dark blue meter and when you have no health left your health meter shows that dreaded rea...


No Screenshot
Health Bars LOZ Health Meter

This is a Legend Of Zelda Health Meter i worked hard on this and i was about to fall asleep as i finished it :) lol hope you like it


Health Bars Mason_Health_Bars

A health bar I threw together.. Enjoy Everyone. And Remember, Every file I will ever make will work with the demo.


Health Bars Half Life 2 Health Meter

This is yet another health meter i made for medal of honor. the theme is Half Life 2 for those fans of MOHAA that are also fans of HL2 hope...


No Screenshot
Health Bars MOHAA Health Bar

Another health meter by me, bootson, this one is a MOHAA baised one i worked on this for awhile becuase i couldnt find the right size mohaa...


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