Medal of Honor

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All Files In Medal of Honor Multiplayer
Multiplayer Stalingrad 3

A beautiful, and very large multiplayer map. It can house 50 players and has tons of hidden features. For example find your way thrue the ve...


Multiplayer Stalingrad Bots

An extrmely realistic Stalingrad map with bots and tons of other features, such as: Multiple Ambient sound bytes from the movie Enemy At...


Multiplayer Honor Brigade

This is a cool little map with a bunch of destryed buildings, and secret passageways.


Multiplayer {HB} Nade Fest

A very simple and small, fun map created to hold 4-6 players. The graphics are very nice, this is a wonderful map for a Nadefest (as the nam...


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Multiplayer Verschneit Ice Ball Fight

This mod disables all regular weapons, and loads each player with an unlimited supply of snowballs for the Spearhead map Verschneit....


Multiplayer NER Colditz Castle

This is a very great map. It has lots of features, and a lot of ways to play this map. The map also has amazing architecture, looks simply a...


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Multiplayer The Trench

The Trench.... An historically inspired WW1 Trench for Team Deathmatches of any era! Includes Source Map. Allies start in trench, Axis st...


Multiplayer City Street Large

This map is a take-off of a map originally made for Rainbow Six Rogue Spear, by Red Storm Entertainment, that followed through to Rainbow Si...


Multiplayer Praha 1945

An awesome map. It comes with bots to play along with. Great fun for any amount of people, even if your by yourself. ;)


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Multiplayer The Hunt TDM

Converts the Hunt Objective map into a Team Death Match map


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Multiplayer V2 Rocket Facility TDM

Converts your V2 Rocket Facility Objective map into a Team Death match style game.


Multiplayer Buzz Bomb Raiders

This is an excellent map. Extremely well designed, and looks like a lot of fun for a bunch of people!


Multiplayer St. Firm

A nice, modest sized map based in an underground sewer. It also comes with an underground jail cell, which you can lock people in. They cann...


Multiplayer Train To Hell

It features a new technique with scrolling scenery, moving objects, custom sounds, and modified textures. All the fighting takes place on a...


Multiplayer HB Murder

A small map made for mohaa, which can be played in FFa or team death match game modes. This map is a fun map with plenty of extra ammo and h...


Multiplayer Communications Blackout

This mod converts the stock single player "Communications Blackout" map into a TDM style map that can be run in a stock map rotation. The...


Multiplayer Bosque de Ardenas

This is a Single to multiplayer Map conversion for Spearhead. This server side mod has the following new features: Some of the Original s...


Multiplayer Landhaus

This is a DMtype FunMap for about 4-8 people.


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Multiplayer The Meeting

A really good snowy dm,tdm custom map. It has very nice detail, and the map looks great.


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Multiplayer MoH:Reloaded - The Hunt

A really nice remake of The Hunt. Sorry but there are no screenshots.


Multiplayer MoH:Reloaded - The Hunt

The Hunt is a rebuilded version of the stock objective map 'The Hunt' created by NED/STEVE in assignment off Electronic...


Multiplayer T1L1 - Normandy

The first mission from the Spearhead Single Player put into Multiplayer. Check out the screenshots!!


Multiplayer The Maze

This map is just a confusing maze its pretty fun with a small amount of people but dont know how good it is with a lot have fun with...


Multiplayer Stalingrad Night

STALINGRAD NIGHT -this server side mod makes Stalingrad pitch black. -low visibility makes for a fun close combat battle