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Other Golden Stopwatch

Golden stopwatch skin. It replaces the one used in SP and OBJ games.


Other Coupe's Crosshair

Cool looking crosshair, you can easily see this one


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Other Pogs Interface

For those who don't know, the pogs are the bottons that show up displaying which weapons you do and don't have. Discuss this file here


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Other Red tips set

This replaces the ammo signs on the right side of the page with some red highlights.


Other Red Tip bullet pack

This replaces the ammo bullets on the side of the screen with red ones.


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Other Weapons in Color

This changes the weapons icons at the bottonm of the screen and puts them in color.


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Other Sherman Tank Tweak

This adds some custom battle worn camo and tweaks the tread.


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Other Opel Window Patch

This file fixes non-transparent windows of Opel trucks in single player maps and multiplayer maps in Spearhead. http://www.gamingfil...


Other Animated Night Toggle

Animated night vision binoculars. Awesome skin :D


Other Brutal Bionocular Optics

An updated bionocular skin, like what you see in the movies.


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Other Weathered Sandbags

Both sets of sandbags (normal and winter) have been re-skinned to simulate a weathered look.


Other Rookie One's Healthpacks

This mod changes the healthpacks. You have a box of corn flakes instead of the medkit and a bottle of vodka instead a bottle of water Bot...


Other Pot Leaf Health Pack

A healthpack with a pot leaf on it.


Other No Gas Mask

This mod removes the gasmask overlay from the single-player campaign. The gas mask is still there, you won't die from the gas all of a sudd...


Other Wartorn Hands

Really great looking hands to replace the crappy ones that are in-game.


Other Spearhead Hand Skins

This replaces the hand skins in allied assault with a more realistic looking one.


Other Animated Night Toggle

This one changes the look of the binocular toggle, adding a night vision improvement. Those green dots you see in the screenshots are ani...


Other Luxury French Environment

Changes the texture in Southern France MP Map to a luxury version.


Other Dr Deleto's Fingerless Mesh Gloves

A pair of fingerless mesh gloves (GASP!)


Other Son of Liberty Bionoculars

New Binocular skin for the Allies in Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Spearhead. It is designed for maximum views and enable any allied pla...


Other HP 124 Crosshair

A rectangu... no, a tria... no, a circ... no dammit I have no idea what shape this scope is, just use it!


Other Hp 124 Muzzle Flash

Cool muzzle flash that shows up on most weapons.


Other Recoil Bullet Holes

A Pack of bullet holes that look different on each surface. Looks cool.


Other Real Bullet Holes II

Bulletholes look more realistic, size was fixed.