Medal of Honor

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Animated Tank Add-on Leon 93KB 2,529
Plane and tank replacement Leon 76KB 1,104
Vehicle add-on Leon 97KB 1,209
Algers Reskin! MetroWebMilano 5.49MB 1,311
Hobbs HUD Mod Hobbs 175KB 2,432
Bullet Cusors Capt Kick Your Ass 310KB 1,534
M1 Omaha Rookie One 57KB 874
Spearhead Font Rookie One 12KB 1,101
Real Blood Metz 26KB 4,678
Laser Crosshairs Sir Paul 503KB 8,511
Status Mod Rookie One 2KB 657
Wigster's Quick Keys Wiggy 945B 736
Dogs bluebrooks 29KB 6,148
Hitman's Death Messages [DS] SGM. Hitman 9KB 1,110
Walgrind's Realism Mod Walgrind 38KB 663
Band of Brother's Tracers Yossarian 9KB 3,502
Hitman's Death Messages II [DS] SGM. Hitman 9KB 2,393
Wigster Explosion Mod Wiggy 741KB 2,556
Ultra Realistic Effects Megapack Zagash 14.27MB 8,218
Skin Place and Fix MetroWebMilano 612KB 553
Saving Private Ryan Menu koensieben622 206KB 803
Eye 4 Eye MPowell1944 2KB 1,055
Fire Rate Fix DAGRON 23KB 1,442
Deadly Weapons Realism Mod Devourer 94KB 4,194
Custom Dots FlakRider 90KB 1,858
No Onscreen Bullets RatMaster 101KB 400
The Scout Mod TopTiger 86KB 936
Red Text z3r0 g33k 70KB 1,275
Dark ivy's hud operation drk ivy 229KB 499
Toxic Map Mods Krunch 156KB 1,590
Respawn Mod (Serverside) MinorThreat 11KB 882
Rainbow Tracers Saint_Anger 94KB 941
Realismo Mauricio Hervè 126KB 1,478
MPSH Realism BT Cleaner 259KB 649
Voice Commands Color Change [MCH] Jehuty 224KB 369
Localization Apocalypse 22KB 1,020
Hud Mods Darwin Award Winner 710KB 864
-=ASA=- Hud Mod -=ASA=- Josh 257KB 571
PaintBall Mod BlackEagle 79KB 1,987
PaintBall Bullethole Mod BlackEagle 1.22MB 1,167
Ryzzo's Blood Puff Ryan Ryzzo 144KB 1,486
Ryan Ryzzos Explosion Mod Ryan Ryzzo 2.1MB 1,858
British Commando Elite 3D and Dreadhead 2.13MB 1,021
Ironsights Klaus & Dr.Doom 616KB 1,517
Night Time Mod [EOI]SuB-0 2.26MB 1,527
Knife Throwing Mod Ruckus 377KB 3,616
Ying Yang Planet Flags Wubbo 2.11MB 245
MP3 Player SkulpingNipple 155KB 925
MP3 Player SkulpingNipple 284KB 1,086
Bot Script bdbodger 939KB 3,525