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Other Mods Wrestling Pictures

I made these pictures because I am a wrestling fan and yes a true stone cold fan. I hope you enjoy them.


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Other Mods Animated Tank Add-on

With this file you can replace M4 Sherman in "Destroyed Village" map with a Tiger IV and replace cars in "...


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Other Mods Plane and tank replacement

With this small file you can replace Sherman dead tanks with down FW 190s. You can walk or run through wings and...


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Other Mods Vehicle add-on

With this file you can change cars in "The Crossroads" map with a downed Ju87 Stuka and a 300 mm caliber Nebelwerfer. You...


Other Mods Algers Reskin!

This mod changes all the textures in the map Algers to give it a more modern look. Really cool, and origional idea.


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Other Mods Stalin VS Hitler

With this file, all Axis soldiers change to Hitler and all Allied soldiers change to Stalin. Works with all Multiplayer games and Single pla...


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Other Mods Animated Vehicle add-on

With this file you can change burnt civilian cars and dead Sherman tanks in Spearhead multiplayer maps with war machines like Horten Ho-IX f...


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Other Mods Laser Dot Mod

The dot is a modification that changes your default crosshair into a red dot. Very good for aiming on distance. http://www.gamingfi...


Other Mods Hobbs HUD Mod

Great looking hud mod. Look at the screenies.


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Other Mods Recoil Death Message Mod

Text mod containing ADULT language, for all those that feel the need to curse while shooting each other. Client Side ONLY Spearhead O...


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Other Mods Bullet Cusors

This pack contains three different bullet cursors 1.plain-just a plain bullet 2.tracer-bullet with redtip 3.armour piercing-bullet with b...


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Other Mods M1 Omaha

This mod changes the gun you use on the Omaha level, also know as the D-Day invasion, from the Thompson to the M1 Garand


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Other Mods Spearhead Font

This mod replaces the font in Allied Assault with the font used in spearhead.


Other Mods Real Blood

Realistic blood & smoke puff's and sprays. Realistic looking splats on ground and walls.


Other Mods Flughafen JU 87

Changes desert camo Ju 87s in Spearhead Flughafen map with snow camo Ju 87s WITH SPINNING PROPELLERS. Palm trees also changed with european...


Other Mods Laser Crosshairs

A laser dot crosshair that comes in three sizes and colors.


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Other Mods Status Mod

This mod allows you to have a "status", just like in ICQ or AIM! Now, you can tell the other players that you're away, eating or talking...


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Other Mods Wigster's Quick Keys

This mod adds quick keys for some cheats and other useful stuff. F3 = "quit"} Quits the game from anywhere F4 = "...


Other Mods CYG Hudmod

Included in the zip is a readme of all the features. This version now includes the blood mod


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Other Mods Dogs

This mod adds dogs to multiplayer maps. Two dogs will appear on a map at any given time and attack everyone they can. They are drawn to w...


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Other Mods Hitman's Death Messages

This replaces the messages that automatically show up when you get killed or somebody else kills you.


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Other Mods Walgrind's Realism Mod

Here’s a list of all the changes and features - All weapons are very precise, bullet spread has been lowered very much, but not pinpoint...


Other Mods Band of Brother's Tracers

Author's Description: Well, this mod will change the tracer effects in game, I was watching Band of Brothers last night and I wan...


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Other Mods Hitman's Death Messages II

Its a mod that changes all the messages that show up when someone dies. Read the file for more details.