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All Files In Medal of Honor Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous MoH Cursor Pack

This pack has some MOH styled colored cursors Pictures are obviously stretched out so you can seem them.


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Miscellaneous MOHAA Desktop Theme

This is a desktop theme containing MoH themed colors and cursors and other cool stuff. Tested on XP and ME, should probably work on 95/98...


Miscellaneous Revolutionary Loading Screen

This mod will replace the loading screen in Allied Assulat, Spearhead or Breakthrough with the Revolutionary Loading Screen (view screenshot...


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Miscellaneous Darth Maul Loading Screen

This mod will replace the loading screen in Allied Assulat, Spearhead and Breakthrough with a custom Dath Maul Loading Screen. This is a mus...


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Miscellaneous Speed Menu

This mod will increase the loading time for your game by removing all the EA logos and Sounds from the starting menu.


Miscellaneous Blue Loading SIdes

This are very nicely made "frames" for any loading screen. The screenshot will explain it better.


Miscellaneous Smaller Menu Arrow

This mod will simply replace the arrow used in the main menu to something smaller.


Miscellaneous FynexFox's 50 Cal. Sniper Curser

A small sniper rifle to replace the normal arrow in mohaa. Looks quite neat!


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Miscellaneous Singleplayer Cheat Menu

Im not a big fan of cheating, however i think this mod can get very popular. This mod simply creates a cheating menu, very much like a Train...


Miscellaneous Dark.Angels Server/Client Side Admin Tools

A nice little admin tool here, good job.


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Miscellaneous MOHAA Register Cleaner

If you having problems reinstalling ,uninstalling or trying to repair mohaa, this little reg editor will help you clear the registry of the...


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Miscellaneous MOHAA Error Fix

if you have just installed mohaa and your now trying to update to version 1.11 but its saying mohaa cannot be found, you need to install thi...


Miscellaneous Small Fonts

This file changes the size of the console font and chat text, find it useful? Then give it a try.


Miscellaneous BackFire Mod Manger

Here is my mod management software. Included in the zip are 6 screenshots (in PNG format) and a readme. The Program Installer is located a...


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Miscellaneous Chalkpit's MOHAA & SH Sound Enhancement

MoHAA Sound Enhancement (add-on) for Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Spearhead.


Miscellaneous MoHAA Multiplayer Texture Conversion

DESCRIPTION: This mod changes the textures for 11 stock maps, weapon-skins, and all of the stock player-skins. A full sound pack is als...


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Miscellaneous Wookie's SHMod

This mod will change the MP gameply in Allied Assault a bit more to the one in Spearhead. It adds all mp skins, a blood mod and will change...