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Others Fansite Kit

This is a fansite kit released by EA. Discuss this file here


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Others Spearhead Logo

That file replaces Mohaa opening screen with official Spearhead screen


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Others Ben Mora Icon Pack

A bunch of cool MOH themed icons.


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Others MOHAA Cursor

Cool cursors blended in from a few different games including MOHAA.


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Others MoHAA XP Cursor's

A huge cursor pack for windows XP (unfortionatly I can't try it as I only have ME)


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Others Scarface Loading Screen

This mod wil change the original loading screen to a scarface one.


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Others UKUS Patch Starter For MoHAA

this is for people that are not confident enough to play around with the registry this uk/us reg editor is originaly from


Others Snowball Mod

This is a set of additions to the original mod by jv_map called "Snow Contest". This mod allows only the use of snowballs in the game. A n...


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Others Medal of Honor Artwork

65 High res (average about 2000x1300 up to roughly 4000x4000) images of artwork from the MoH series. There are some (reduced size) examples...