Medal of Honor

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Fubah Hits Collection Vol 1 Fubah 6.18MB 1057
Health Bar Pack Wiggy 14KB 569
MOHfiles Site Admin Picks Madmanfrommars 4.91MB 1180
SAS Clan Pack DOODLEBUG 1.07MB 481
Cool DB Weapons DOODLEBUG 1.04MB 396
German Health Pack Fubah 51KB 771
Army Weapon Pack koensieben622 2.31MB 981
Hobbs Weapon Pack Hobbs 3.31MB 1932
Flakrider's Sniper Pack Flackrider 636KB 628
RI Skinpack Capt. Sizemore 2.15MB 772
Garrette and MathiusDorm's Camoweapons Various Authors 5.31MB 319
Iceman's Weapons Pack Iceman 4.78MB 5028
Konstantins Skins konstantin 1.01MB 1136
Wicked's Sound, Skin, and Scope Pack Wicked 383KB 719
Russian Skin Pack Syntax 4.46MB 1968
SS Reich's Furher Division konstantin 3.2MB 1598
SS Solider Reichsfurher konstantin 4.9MB 896
Enemy Territory Hud old bronco 107KB 872
War Lord's Weapon Pack Sgt.Stlkid 2.52MB 1012
Jungle Marines SGT Kia 2.59MB 3147
ECAA Skinpack =ECAA= 5.7MB 662
Army Weapon Pack koensieben622 2.33MB 1625
Winter Weapon Pack koensieben622 3.14MB 409
Allied Airborne and SS Soliders Flackrider 917KB 3584
Colt 45s And P38 Sgt.Stlkid 277KB 459
As Real As It Gets Colt 45 koensieben622 2.58MB 1403
Axis Automatics Sgt.Stlkid 459KB 946
Gimmli's Special Ops Skins GiMMLi 1.17MB 1018
Real Combat Weapons Mod Sgt.Stlkid 981KB 1813
GoS Skin Pack OmegaRed 71.13MB 5160
_=WB=_ Markings Wigster 2.2MB 409
GoS Ultimate Skin Collection OmegaRed 135.01MB 11085
Pizza's First Skins Pizza The Hut 582KB 454
Markie's 1st Rifle Pack Markie 1.97MB 426
Quake Crosshair & Scope Yalla Ali 73KB 486
Frag & Dynamite Pack Status_Pred 1.47MB 900
Sniper Pack Apocalypse 1.3MB 861
Flak Pack FlakRider 2.39MB 475
Wooden Guns XSolidScopeX 11.11MB 223
MotoxXxs Weapon Skin Pack MotoxXx 6.1MB 599
RTCW: Enemy Territory Skin Pack Giancarlo Schiano 3.04MB 235
Confusions Axis Skinpack Confusion 762KB 638
Allied And Axis Avatar Pack Mase 396KB 2351
Pacific Theatre Pack Guest 2.01MB 278
Stock Skin Replacement Pack Assass[N] and Mobius-1 3.52MB 1374
Russian Weapon Skin Pack Apocalypse 4.66MB 779
City Camoflauge Skinpack Shifftee 3.81MB 440
City Camo Pack Shifftee 2.86MB 394
City Camoflage Skinpack Shifftee 4.76MB 1267
Shifty's Winter Skinpack Guest 12.75MB 210
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