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Packs Fubah Hits Collection Vol 1

Author's Description: Here is my first released collection release. I have made over 350 skin packs for moh since its release....


Packs Health Bar Pack

A pack of health bars. Two US ones have the US flag fade away and be replaced by the Nazi flag as you loose health. This also includes two U...


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Packs MOHfiles Site Admin Picks

This is a pack of skins that I (Madmanfrommars) put together. In the pack I really didn't go for realism, just what seemed cool. One sk...


Packs SAS Clan Pack

A collection of weapon and player skins. Check out the helmet.


Packs Cool DB Weapons

A pack of weapon skins that includes a bar, an m1, and a thompson.


Packs German Health Pack

Health box and cantine, both with swastikas on them.


Packs Army Weapon Pack

A pack of army camoed weapons.


Packs Hobbs Weapon Pack

Author's Description: Most of these weapons were done a while back by sgt. slaughter and I. I threw in some extras as well. Inclu...


Packs Flakrider's Sniper Pack

Author's Description: Here's my new sniper pack for MOHAA. This will also work for spearhead it replaces the mauser skin [/quote...


Packs RI Skinpack

Author's Description This is our public release of our RI skins. Our private models have custom helmets, and changes to the skins...


Packs Garrette and MathiusDorm's Camoweapons

Not exactly camo that is now on these skins, just a bright green glow.


No Screenshot
Packs Iceman's Weapons Pack

Things to look for 1. New cursor 2. New compass 3. New weapons Hud 4. New health meter 5. New pistol axis and allies 6. New sniper...


Packs Konstantins Skins

A pack of Elite Gestapo officers.


Packs Wicked's Sound, Skin, and Scope Pack

Author's Description: Ok this one is the shizzle, its a pack with a Special ops 03 skin, a silenced sound mod to go along with i...


Packs Russian Skin Pack

A huge skin of some really cool russian skins


Packs SS Reich's Furher Division

These files contain all the uniforms from soldier up to general of the division SSReichsFurher.


Packs SS Solider Reichsfurher

Reich's furher division. The screenshot details all the soliders and their rankings.


Packs Enemy Territory Hud

Compass and crosshair from RTCW : Enemy Territory.


Packs War Lord's Weapon Pack

A large pack of very realistic weapons.


Packs Jungle Marines

A collection of Vietnam styled marines.


Packs ECAA Skinpack

A nice skinpack with several soliders. Very colorful badges on them.


Packs Army Weapon Pack

A pack of army style camoflaged weapons.


Packs Winter Weapon Pack

A pack of weapons done in a snow camo theme.


Packs Allied Airborne and SS Soliders

The title is pretty self explanitory.