Medal of Honor

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Player Camo Gloves 1

A pack of three gloves. Looks very good.


Player Falschirmjager

Two German soliders with a horribly ugly face. Just kidding:D. All of his skins are made with his face :D


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Player Black Chainmail Gloves

A pair of black gloves. TC Fool Black Chainmail Gloves. The Professional Choice of all hitmen


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Player Green-Grey Camo Gloves

Before you blow the head of your enemy off, make sure you tightly pack away your Green-Gray Camo Gloves. Green-Gray Camo Gloves, if they'...


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Player Snake Skin Gloves

Slap your fellow diplomate across the face with these snake skin gloves. Recoil snake skin gloves, if they're not gloves, you bought the...


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Player African 101st Captain

Adds an African American 101st captain http://www.gam...


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Player War Torn Hands

Fingerless ReCoil Black Leather gloves exposing the real hands of War


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Player War Torn Hands

Long time in the trenches and not any way out but forward, these hands show whatever tools they come across they will suffice to get throug...


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Player Black Fingerless Gloves

Recoil Black Fingerless Leather Gloves, Pretty much useless, but better then nothing


No Screenshot
Player Royal British Commando

Looks pretty good in my opinion. http://www.gamingfi...


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Player Spooky Skinpack

Players without arms, without heads. Where did they go? Muwhahahahahaha


Player British Desert Rat

Nothing too fancy just reworked the skin and applied custom desert uniform camo. Detailed the goggles/headset and beret crest, made the bere...


Player NBC Axis Gasmask Solider

Added a very realistic looking gasmask. Looks great.


Player Spetsnaz

This is a Russian Spetsnaz Agent.


Player German Forest Sniper

This is a skin for a German Forest Sniper, it has no historical accuracy but looks pretty damn fine.


Player Axis Conscript

New version of the basic Soviet Infantry from Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2.


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Player Panzer Grenedier

This is a 'Nordland" Panzergrenedier. I have no idea what 'Nordland' is


Player Luftwaffe

This is a collection of Luftwaffe Field Division skins.


Player Camo Paratrooper

Cool camo skin of a paratrooper.


Player Flakrider's Original Manon

A skin of the original Manon.


Player Konstantin Gas Masks

Cool skins with nicely modeled gas masks.


Player USA Military Police

Two skins of United States MPs


Player Dot Camo Pack

Nice camoed pack. The camo is different from the traditional one so it looks cool.


Player Blue Beret Pack

A pack of blue beret urban camo skins.