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Scripts Script Pack

This file contains scripts for: Light Switch, Working Fan and Usable Flak88. There's also tutorials on Light Switches, Fans, Flak88's, BSP...


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Scripts Script Editor 2.0

The program can view all scripted files for MOHAA. The scripted files available for editing are: .scr .mus .sha .tik. NOTE: This is V2.0. He...


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Scripts Scout Mod Map Scripts

These scriptes should be installed if you will be using the Scout Mod ingame. These are simply modified scriptes for certain maps. For mroe...


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Scripts mohaa breakthrough comscript

changes voice messages for BT demo and maybe full version i think


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Scripts Team Country and Weapon Selection Script

Don't you hate going through two menus to choose your team and weapon? And if you want to change skins to get a different weapon (in Spearh...


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Scripts Disciples Of Mayhem Scripts

This is a cool little mod which includes three different scripts. They are Drop.cfg, Special.cfg, and Binoc.cfg. Read the readme for more in...


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Scripts Multiplayer Bot Scripts

Allows use of bots in many Allied Assault, Spearhead, and Breakthrough maps.


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Scripts Lockdown Script

A script that allow you to lock down a server just by hitting a bind !


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Scripts RTCW Cfg

This file will change the original MOHAA controls to the controls of RTCW. If you like those controls better, get this handy file :)


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Scripts Lets dance!!-Dancing script.

I forgot where to put this its even in configs main or mohaa. Soon as you place it load the game and press i when connected to a game. Wow...


Scripts Binds for 'voice commands'

This .zip contains: -ReadMe -custom.cfg How it works: in the file 'autoexec.cfg' there should be custom.cfg stated it would autoexec...


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here is a new file which will play only one sound (den_death_02.WAV) instead if all 100when you kill a enemy everytime you kill someone you...


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Scripts MOHAA BT Wuss cheat code fix

those Mod Developers out there who typed \"spawn weapons/kar98_mortar.tik\" for EVERY time they want to spawn it for testing purposes.