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All Files In Medal of Honor Single Player
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Single Player Fire Fight

Single player map. It's rather simple. You start off as an Allied soldier with about 20 or so of your "squad". You'll have to finish off the...


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Single Player Holland Battle

Single Player map. Very short with tons of Axis forces to eliminate.


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Single Player Fort Rush

Read the readme or your gonna have he!! installing this map.


Single Player Battle of Bulge

A good firefight. Its a great deathmatch, all ya gotta do is kill your enemies.


Single Player Greece 1943

Author's Desciption: This map was my first ever attempt at mapping and scripting. I started 5 months ago having always the goal i...


Single Player The Trenches

Singleplayer Information: You have only one objective to clear the trenches. Then get to the bike near the flag post(to end the m...


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Single Player Iron Tusk Camp

This is a 3 map Single Player campaign called Iron Tusk. It has three levels. 1 Nazi HQ. 2 Dawn Invasion. 3 Iron Tusk. It is a real chal...


Single Player VC Addon

Alsace: Defeating Operation Nordwind campaign is constructed in two parts. Each part consists of 6 levels, for a total of 12 levels. Part...


Single Player Remagen Revisited

Remagen revisited as a single player level. A whole new look and feel to a classic MP map. The first in the series of seven, next will be t...


Single Player Test Crash

Here is a small sized Single Player map from XDarkcrystal. It his first map so all the feed back will help him out. The story of the m...


Single Player Human Cheese Maze

Here is a small but fun Single Player Map. The story goes like this: Cpt. Cheesy Cheese wants you to retrieve a piece of his chee...


Single Player Mountain Tunnel

This is the 3rd Single Player Map from XDarkcrystal. The map is based on a short campaign which consists of three maps. Finish the first...


Single Player Treblinka extermination camp

This is a small camp in Poland called Treblinka. It was a extermination camp that was a part in the final solution about the jews. This...


Single Player Bastogne SP Map

Single player map of bastogne hold on for 10 minitues of axis bombardment and onslaught, note this map requires a high spec machine as its a...


Single Player Deutscher Angriff - German Side SP MOD


Single Player Castle Wewelsburg

This is a reamke from Medal of Honor Underground. I'm sorry for I didn't make more but something come up. Hope you like it