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All Files In Medal of Honor Skins
Skins Spearhead Skins

All the multiplayer skins from the Spearhead expansion pack converted for Allied Assault. A total of 20 skins.


Skins Paratrooper Pack

Here is a fixed version of DirtyHarry' Para pack. Read the read-me for the info.


Skins Breaktrough Skin Expansion Pack

Breaktrough Skin Expansion Pack -includes skins from BT single player not included in multiplayer


Skins DirtyHarry's Phoenix Connection_v2

Cool Swat Team Looking Skin.


Skins DH's Fingerless Glove Pack

7 fingerless knitted glove skins for the bare hand -Red -Green -Blue -Brown -Grey -Black -HOT!



An update I should have put out along time ago! MT-Clip's Universal Punisher Skin Not only is there the axis and allied skins, but al...



The kind creator of these Female punisher skins made these for our server but I don't know if they have been getting distributed or not for...


Skins Desert Eagle (Gold and Silver)

A new desert eagle model and skin, includes both silver and gold versions Replaces P38 (Axis Pistol)


Skins Hollandfan

Dutch hollandfan skin. This is my third skin i made. Its a funny skin. I hope you guys enjoy it. Fully made by me. --...


Skins Funskin

This is my second made skin. Just a fun skin. Not realistic but just for fun. I hope you guys like this skin. (Look to the head) Full credit...


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Skins Hollandfangirlskin

Hey, Here is the girl skin of the hollandfan skin. Enjoy this skin. Full credits to me


Skins Burned hitler

This is an axis burned hitler skin. Enjoy this skin. Fully credits to me


Skins Allied gnome

This is my gnome At world of warcraft. I maked this skin for fun. Hehe. Its nice. full credits to me ...


Skins Axis orc

Hello this is my orc skin it is for the axis. (Funskin) Full credits to me.


Skins Allied joker

This is my allied joker skin. (funskin) Full credits to me


Skins Deathgirl

This is my deathgirl skin. She is de dead but it is the ghost of her. full credits to me


Skins Allied_gabber

This is my gabberskin. Enjoy. fully credits to me


Skins War Santa

Hello this is my santa skin, I made this skin so poeple can download it for in my basebuild xmas server. Full cred...


Skins Explosive skin

My new skin. Axis_explosive. Hope you like it. Full credits to me


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Skins LegendOfZelda Skin Themed Pack

This is an entire pack of all of the Legend Of Zelda Skins i have put here on MOHFiles in one package that i hope you will all like i might...


Skins Bootson's Legend Of Zelda Health Pack

This is a Legend Of Zelda Health Pack i am going to come out with a second version soon if someone could help me get a .wav file for heart i...


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Skins ={2A?}=Vito_Cro´s skinpack

These are most finest skins. From allied officers to german waffen ss. Just place it in your main folder and donE with a capital E! No ne...


Skins Belgium fan

Back again with a nice skin :) Russian belgium fan | Tested in spearhead, | Shou...


Skins Comrade Communism

I've noticed its hard to please people when it comes to realistic skins so i made something so ridiculous you have to like... my logic is ge...