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Smoke Smoke Pack

This pack contains: 1.capt kick your ass and fubahs black smoke 2.capt.kick your ass's german smoke nade http://www.gamingfiles....


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Smoke Grenade Smoke Mod

Changes the smoke in spearhead. Allied forces have blue Axis has dark purple Soviets have Red.


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Smoke Body Hit Puff

This has been fixed so you wont see the missing textures (grey,silver flashes & shapes) that you may have had while trying to use another bl...


Smoke Battle Smoke

-This darkens all the smoke from the smoke grenades for Allied, Axis, Soviet, and the default smoke file -It also changes Allied smoke to...


Smoke BCA Battle Smoke

This version keeps the original colors, but makes them more defined.


Smoke Pot Smoke Grenades

Put a leaf with a smiley at the center overlayed over smoke texture with about 30% opacity


Smoke Real Bullet holes

The file change the skin for the bullet impacts on the stone/walls and on the glass. It gives them more reality


Smoke Quake 3 Blood

This mod is edited from a blood mod of Quake 3


Smoke Recoil Blood Blast

This blood mod contains three distinct blood patterns. It has a pretty nice hit squirt and does some really cool spraying patterns that r...


Smoke RB Smokepuff

Large smoke puff shows up when you shoot someone.


Smoke Mustard Gas

This mod replaces the smoke grenade with yellow mustard gas that also takes away health from anyone that moves through it.


Smoke Rainbow Smoke

A really weird smoke mod. It turns the smoke for all three countries into spirals with odd colors.


Smoke camo smoke

camo smoke effects for SH . looks interesting


Smoke Flag Smoke

This mod changes the smoke of the smoke grenades to puffs of smoke that resemble that of that particular nation's flag of the period. Histo...


Smoke Gas Grenades

Gas grenades mod works in mohaa. original gas escape sounds were taken from spearhead and leon reskinned grenades for this mod. (works in mo...


Smoke Allies and Axis Themed Smoke

This little file changes the colour of the smoke in Breakthrough and Spearhead. You now have Allies smoke as blue colour and Axis smoke as...