Medal of Honor
Sound and Music

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Willis ultimate sound mod Willis Mods 5.88MB 1,083
Total War Sound Conversion Mod Fubah 31.94MB 2,748
Total War Sound Conversion Add-On Fubah 1.19MB 869
Total War Sound Conversion 4 Fubah 10.62MB 4,955
Chat Log Mod Fubah 8KB 447
WIllis Ultimate Realistic Sound Mod Willis Mods 5.26MB 201
Band Of Brothers Willis Mods 4.4MB 11,395
Willis ultimate sound mod v2 Willis Mods 5.32MB 1,262
62HFB Sound Mod *62HFB* Jenna 5.08MB 2,828
Bob Soundpack Etnie 779KB 2,995
Bob Soundpack Etnie 637KB 681
Sniper1501's Ultimate Sound Modification Sniper1501 15.95MB 948
Roc in Pain Sound Mod |=RoC=|Syn 53KB 5,627
Factor VIII Sounds Kyril >VIII< 18.65MB 737
The best sound pack ever daVe 1.31MB 1,723
Fubah Theater of War Sound Mod Fubah 10.54MB 1,483
Brutal Hard Core Shotty Sounds Brutal 185KB 1,305
Itamar's Ultimate Sound Mod Itamar 4.34MB 954
Fredster Startup Music Fredster 6.04MB 409
Irondog's Sweet Sounds Irondog 3.93MB 385
Dan's Sounds danielhinton 6.01MB 1,044
Irondog's Sweet Sounds Irondog 4.69MB 593
BM Real Sounds Ben Mora 4.51MB 2,663
Locctout Soundz Ben Mora 4.6MB 340
Iceman Soundpack Iceman 5.84MB 749
Ear Candy Vol 1 Infernal Creations 24.26MB 3,778
Stitch Sound sti tch 3.48MB 312
PZB41 Sounds =ECAA= 536KB 258
Kilroy Sound Kilroy 5.73MB 549
Windtalker's Sound Mod =[1st]= Windtalker 4.44MB 559
Windtalker's Sound Mod =[1st]= Windtalker 4.33MB 922
SPR Sound Mod andrewwhyberd 1MB 779
Sniper1501's Realistic Sound Pack Sniper1501 1.02MB 1,760
Saving Private Ryan Sound Pack andrewwhyberd 1.23MB 3,236
Sniper1501's Sound Mod Sniper1501 1.82MB 526
Enemy Territory Music andrewwhyberd 584KB 651
CoD sounds Guest 569KB 847
English Slang Saint_Anger 1.85MB 304
English Slang v2 Saint_Anger 1.92MB 837
Mafia Game Sounds xXezekielXx 370KB 512
Angers Soundmod Saint_Anger 1021KB 903
The Battle For WWII Sounds DJHeadup 16.25MB 1,021
The Battle For WWII Sounds DJHeadup 17.2MB 1,682
St.Angers Sound Mod Saint_Anger 2.58MB 550
Death Sound Mod Krunch 91KB 2,352
SPR Sounds Jeremy Stanford 1.12MB 555
Black Water Mods Sound Pack sT@t!c 16.11MB 2,382
Ryzzo Sound Mod Ryan Ryzzo 691KB 391
MoH and MoHU Original Sounds xXezekielXx 2.21MB 782
CoD sounds for MOHAA, SH, and BT xXezekielXx 39.1MB 2,901