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Weapon Biathlon 98 K Burst Fire

You have 15 rounds with this Mauser 98 Biathlon with BURST FIRE mod. Burst fire means this Kar98 shoots 3 bullets at each time. You will hea...


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Weapon Flakrider's Nade

German grenade with "flakrider" written on it.


Weapon Fixed 1928 Thompson

This file fixes the bash animation so it does not flicker.


Weapon Capt Kick Your Ass's Enfield

Here is a camo enfield with worn metal look.


Weapon XXbmfXX Mosin Rifle

Really cool looking assault rifle.


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Weapon No Rocket or Shotgun Mod

This is a no shotgun / no bazooka mod. Discuss this file here


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Weapon Tracer Smoke

With this pack the bazooka rocket moves as fast as a bullet and it leaves a very visible red trail. Discuss this file here


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Weapon Capt Kick Ass Explosion

This adjusts the explosion animation of the grenade, making it bigger.


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Weapon British Sten

New sound for the sten and also a blackened look.


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Weapon M18 Smoke Grenade

A nicely redesigned smoke grenade with what appears to be the devil painted on it. Its also the first Grenade skin for spearhead on this...


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Weapon MG42

A nice reskin of the MG42.


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Weapon Russian PPSH SMG

New Sound and skin, just a bit darker is all on the skin of the gun but mainly gave it a new sound.


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Weapon Nades

Grenade skins for all the grenades in spearhead. http...


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Weapon SVT40

This is a great looking svt40.


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Weapon Enhanced Enfield

Reworked the stock and all moving bolt carriage parts plus slightly parkerized the metal


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Weapon Polysten

Adds Polymer stock and handle to the Mark 2 Sten Gun. [img...


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Weapon Webley and bonus

New Skin for British Pistol, more a aged look and new sound. The knee bomb weapon gave it a new firing sound. http://www.gamingfiles....


Weapon KAR98K Rifle Gewehrgranate

This will give you a KAR98K Rifle Gewehrgranate in your game.


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Weapon Sten Mark V

Reworked the weapon to give it a more realistic look


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Weapon Custom Gewehr 43

Reworked the weapon to give it a more realistic look ...


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Weapon Grenade Mod

This is only a grenade mod that makes them a bit more powerful. It's a server side mod.


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Weapon PPSH 41 SMG

Reworked the weapon to give it a more realistic look.


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Weapon Imperial Nagant Revolver

Reworked the weapon to give it the Imperial Russian Model 1895 Nagant Revolver look


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Weapon Sten MK II SAS

You have 350 rounds with this VERY ACCURATE Sten FOR PINPOINT HITS. A litlle bigger than original and firepower two and half times more than...