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Overall, I'd say MOHA is one of my most favorite games ever. The kind of battles you fight are always quite intense; it rarely gets old. But...


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Overall, I'd say MOHA is one of my most favorite games ever. The kind of battles you fight are always quite intense; it rarely gets old. But no game comes without a disappointing feature...MOHA's would be its configuration system.

The configuration .exe has very few options in my opinion, and what options it does have are VERY unfriendly to those of us stuck with only 128MB of dedicated graphical memory. Now I've played UT3 before, and since MOHA is made with UT3 engine, I knew that the listed options in that menu weren't all that it could do. Thus I dove into the configurations and tweaked every option myself, starting with the lowest possible settings and working my way up and down with each possible option (not just MOHA's profiles) until I'd made a good balance between speed and eye-candy.

A previously slow game now runs at 30-50 FPS for me and still retains post processing effects on an NVidia 8300GS. I thought other people with less powerful graphics cards would appreciate such a configuration too; MOHA is twice as much fun to play now that it runs so much better.

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Download 'mohasettings.zip' (2KB)

Medal of Honor: Airborne

128MB Graphics Card Optimizer

AUTHOR: LukeSkillz
EMAIL: [email protected]


	Drop the modified MOHASettings.ini into your MOHA&apos;s game configuration folder. That would be, on most PC&apos;s, &quot;C:Documents and Settings<your username>My DocumentsEA GamesMedal of Honor Airborne(tm)Config&quot;. I repeat, open up &apos;My Computer&apos; and navigate to the Config folder and then overwrite the MOHASettings.ini file that is already there with the modified one. Then launch the game; graphical settings will be adjusted properly.


	MOHA is quite capable of running on even average PC&apos;s of the day, but certain barriers faced within the MOHA settings program make it less efficient than it could be. For those of you who, like me, have 128MB of graphics memory instead of more, this configuration file will set the graphical settings to the optimum for a balance between speed and eye-candy. I&apos;ve spent literally several hours tweaking every option of this file for my own personal use, and I thought others might like it too. Here&apos;s the most basic list of what it does:

 - Overrides the 800x600 minimum limit and instead uses a resolution of 640x480, causing much less strain on the video card.

 - Adjusts the LOD (Level Of Detail) settings to being easier on the graphics card while still retaining pleasant graphics

 - Adjusts the post processing effects to be fully displayed, but easier on the graphics card than the typical post processing settings.

	You can, of course, tweak this configuration even more, but this should be a good start for most 128MB cards. I personally use an NVidia 8300GS on Windows XP with the absolute latest drivers available.

	This is another thing I reccomend: GET THE LATEST DRIVERS FOR YOUR VIDEO CARD! They too help make it more efficient, and could dramatically increase performance of MOHA.

	So there&apos;s all the technical information for ya...now install this .ini and play MOHA like never before!


	Any &apos;bugs&apos; that might come along with this file are easily explained: MOHA was not made to run in 640x480. That means that certain menus or loading screens will feel &apos;scrunched&apos;, or, as in the case of the loading screens, the background will be offset. However, it is VERY much worth it when you see how much faster the game runs in 640x480!

	One other problem that could come from using this file would only occur if your particular PC has issues being set to 640x480...so far I&apos;ve never come across such a PC, but I do know that such a situation could exist, depending on the video card.


	After installing this file, DO NOT run the MOHA settings .exe! It will reset MOHASettings.ini to one of its default graphical profiles! Make sure only to launch the game, not the configuration program! Any graphical changes you&apos;d like to make MUST be done with Notepad!

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