2nd Air Brangers Skinpack

A group of five skins for Multiplay.


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File Description
All new skins were made by DaGRooV and modified by Nazg├╗l (aka ReDRuM) for the 17th-Airborne Division Clan later chanced by Dagroov for the 2nd-Airborne Clan.

New features: Ingame gloves, new Airborne/Rangers insignia patches, updated skins + changes the original mohaa mp skins so it looks more realistic playing a war instead of pilots and sas'ers :).

The Manon skin I could'nt change because when i gave Manon the model of a male it flips weapons are used backwards always jumping etc.

To install:
Place 'user-2ndAirbRangClanSkin.pk3'  in the 'eagames/mohaa/main' dir 

NOTE: to avoid problems delete the "user-17thAlliedClanSkin.pk3" if u have it in ur main. 

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