3rd-Person - Teleports with Map Mods



This modpack includes 2 diff server-side mods. You can either place the 3rd-Person mod with the anti-cheat file to play with 3rd-person view, or place the teleports mod in your main to play with several teleports in the 1-7 stock maps ;)



CrystaL^'s Teleport/3rd-Person Mod

	Place the gametype you want in your MOHAA's main directory.
	By default: C:/Program Files/EA Games/MOHAA/main.

	This pack includes 3 files, important note is:
	If you want to run the teleport mod,
	ONLY copy the zzz-crystal-teleports-mapmod.pk3 and if you want 3rd-person mod,
	copy the zzz-crystal-3rdperson-mapmod.pk3 and the gamex86.dll in your main map.

	The gamex86.dll file, fixes the cheat so players in 3rd-Person cannot use cheats!
	Reminder, to backup your old gamex86.dll, if you want to run teleport mod delete the
	gamex86.dll and place your old gamex86.dll back into your main map.


	Remove the .pk3 file and if you had 3rd-Person delete the gamex86.dll
	and replace it with your backup one.

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