82nd Airborne Skins



82nd Airborne and Fallschirmjager Skins

I have done my first MOH:SH Skins and I wanted to post in this great site! For my First Release I have done my favorite soldiers in World War II.

You're sites are great, keep it up =)




Airborne Skins for Spearhead and Breakthrough

By Travers

I make it for the lovers of the Airborne Divisions as my first work at MOHAA Skins.
I mixed some skins and it's looks very good!
The skins are:


Just take the 2 .PK3 and drop it on your MAINTA folder on Medal of Honor Directory.

Skins Info -

82nd Airborne Divison Soldier:

The great American 82nd Airborne that fought a lot in battles such Operation Husky and Operation Market Garden.


The unfamous German Paratroopers that made the first great Airborne Invasion at Crete,and fought in other very crusial battles of WWII.

I hope you enjoy it!

Litte FAQ.

1 - It's not a Fallschirmjager,he's a Italian Paratrooper!

Actually, the Italian and German Paratrooper had the same uniform with some modifications, like the color of camouflage and the insignia. The Uniform presented here, is one of varius uniforms used by the Fallschirmjagers.

2 - My 82nd Airborne works in Allied Assault and the Fallschirmjager dont,why?

I dont know too. I'm still learning to MOD,and i dont know why this happen.
If you know send me a e-mail or post.

My E-mail : [email protected]
Country : Brazil


Me, for my work that looks very good!
Ajacks, for the American Paratrooper Cloth Color and U.S Flag.
krzysz, for Original German Fallschirmjager Helmet and Face.


If you want to use my Skins on a Server etc,you only need send my a E-mail asking me for it.

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