ACU camo Wrap Thompson


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this is a thompson but with ACU digital Camo Wrap

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Download 'first_thompson.pk3' (204KB)

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Hello Guys THis is Rocketboy and this is my first 
mod/skin i ever made for anything in my whole life so please give me a break  
 this is a thompson skin i made its a thompson but it has ACU digital Camo Wrap around it i am learning
how to edit weapons and stuff so anyway thats is just place in your
Local Disk (C:)/Program Files/EA Games/MOHAA/Main      there ya go and also i wanna make some skins for my self for weapons
can anyone tell me how to make TGA files soi can make the weapon a diffrent weapon like M16 M4 or anything?
Oh if you know how to  make TGA files or make em to a diffrent weapon  Email it to me THanks

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