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Africa Back Streets

This map is based on a small part of the back streets of africa like algiers, it has some cool graphics and cool lights and effects too. Th...


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This map is based on a small part of the back streets of africa like algiers, it has some cool graphics and cool lights and effects too. This map is good for all weapons so check it out

Reviewed by MPowell1944

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Made By: <<[AC]>>David


- Fully tested (if you find some bugs, plz let me know)
- First realease only DM/TDM/RBM

Map Helpers:


- Telmo
- Fábio

Sketech and fully advisor:
David (me :) )

LOading Screen:
David (me :) )

If you want anything from the map don't use any decompiler plz mail me I will give you the 

If you find any major bug plz report me to davgolias@hotmail.com
And Thank you for downloading my map also check my other works at www.acmohaa.clan.st

Others works well known by MOHaa Players:

- AC_Battlefield (DM,TDM,RBM)

In this map you will face trenches on the both sides of the map and many others hide outs in the midle 
of the map and a watch tower right in the midle, the are some explodable crates in specific places and
many other things that you can interact like MG42 and barrels that leak, wepons, health crates and other
The map starts in the beginning of a storm and there are explosions every where  so keep your head down.

worth the download (trust me)

Download Link:

- The Golias Beach (Objective)

The Golias Beach Objective map was based on the navorone cannons movie, i've remain the beach 
loading like omaha and and had a small town with a palace behind the beach.
The beach have 3 objectives:
2 flack Cannons that are in the main bunker
1 radio deep in the village.

it gots some cool Fx i've puted in the map like working elevatores good lights and mortars hitting 
the beach.
Overall a good map for all weapon, with respwan mod like omaha.

Download Link:

- Belgas L74 (DM,TDM,RBM)

This map got some cool details (like pamela poster, heheheh), this map contains a big motel 
with a street and some gardens and some houses with acess to the roofs for sniping also a good 
all weapons map cus you can got behind the snipers by using the underground tunnels.

Download Link:

thats all and thanks for downloading my maps hehhehe

<<[AC-Seal]>> Lt David

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