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Axis Afrika Deutsches Soldier. See readme file!

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Release Date: 11-01-02 

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The Afrika Corps 1941-43

The Afrika Corps is a textbook example of why the German Army was able to

achieve the success it did, despite its handicaps. Often outnumbered, usually undersupplied,

the Deutsches Afrikakorps succeeded because of the technical superiority of its weaponry,

the skill of its leadership, and the elan of its men. And its achievements are truly remarkable.



"Afrika" cuff-title

The first was introduced on 18 July 1941, and was authorized to be worn by members

of the Deutsches Afrika Corps (DAK). It was worn above the right cuff of the jacket

by all ranks with at least two months' African service. 


Combat awards

A frequent decoration was the Wound Badge, a solid oval badge worn in three classes:

black, for one or two wounds; silver, for three or four wounds; and gold, for five or more wounds.

The badge was pinned low on the left breast pocket. All members of the German military were eligible for this award. 



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