All-Terrain Crosshairs

11 All-Terrain Crosshairs


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Description:  These are an assortment of all terrain crosshairs good                  againsts all backrounds. Theres eleven in all, be sure                  too test them all out. Happy Hunting :)

Creator:      [1stSF/SS]-PoolMaster E-Mail: [email protected]

Legal Stuff:  If you wish too alter these crosshairs in any way, plz                  e-mail me at [email protected] , let me know                   your altering it, and be sure too give me partial credit.
              If you feel that I have ripped off one of your own                      crosshairs, please e-mail me at                                         [email protected]  

Installation: Open your mohaa main folder 
              -my computer/localCdisk/programfiles/eagames/mohaa/main

              Remove any crosshair pk3. file in your main folder,                     replace with the one you want.

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