Alsace - The Strasbourg Initiative

Huge and very detailed townmap in Northern France style built up with different quarters with their own architectural characteristics. The...


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Huge and very detailed townmap in Northern France style built up with different quarters with their own architectural characteristics. The difference in building types, street/alley layout, viewlines and indoor lighting supports gameplay for all weapon types and team strategies. The high framerate (FPS) throughout the entire map guarantees playability on even low-end systems or servers with all slots in use. Be sure to check out the real working drawbridges, the noxious fumes, the water wherein you can drown, many little scripted details and events and the 5MB of custom textures, sounds and loading screens.


SPAWNPOINTS FFA: 35 TM: 64 (32/32)

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Download '' (8.99MB)

True Name : Alsace - The Strasbourg Initiative (SH Edition)
Mapname In Maplist : mp_alsace_dm
Mapname Filesys: mp_alsace_dm.pk3
Spawnpoints: FFA:35 TM or RBM: Allies 32 , Axis 32 
Version 1.2
Authors: Crunch & Vonderbakluft
Sky: -=XTC=-Bodybagger
Testing: =NLR= Clan
Exploit testing: |]Reish Vedaur[| & Clackinizer

Just put the mp_alsace_dm.pk3 in your MOHAA/mainta folder and you're set. No uberfix issues needed or other stuff. Sounds will work fine from the .pk3.

General Permission: Everyone is free to use & copy this map (of course :-) in GNU style, so no commercial activities.
Script, Custom Textures and Custom Sound Permissions: Everyone is free to use/modify the content for his own map, as long as you DON'T save them as the name of the original file if you 
Modify anything.

This one will not run on MOH AA, Check out the MOH edition on the site where you downloaded this one.

If you have a little lag on some spots be sure to set your Sound Quality in Audio Settings to medium instead of high. We almost never experienced lag by high audio settings, but if your audiocard is
crappy, medium settings will let the game run fine

THANKS TO (according to Von):

Crunch, the one who made the map with me of course. Thanks again for the very great way working together, the new elements of mapping you introduced to me,
your very creative, cooperative, inspiring and professional attitude in this all and especially the way we exchanged ideas about what are the essential values of mapping. Thank you very much for that all!
Nemesis Forums, for all the critical and constructive feedback from all those members. Be sure to visit them @
The =NLR= Clan for their very constructive testing, very detailed feedback and their eagle eyes.
Thanks also |]Reish Vedaur[| & Clackinizer for pointing out some exploits in MOH version 1.0, that are fixed in this version.
All peeps I've seen too few times last weeks and months by being  occupied with making and finishing this one. I see you all in pub or dancefloor grlz & buddies :-)
Enough soft words! It's war in Alsace! Enjoy!

THANKS TO (according to Crunch):

First and foremost, thanks to Vonderbakluft for working on this project together with me. It
was his guidance, abilities, patience, and overall understanding of the process that made
this map what it is. I cannot say enough about what a great experience this has been working
with you, Von. I look forward to more projects in the future. 
Thanks also to everyone at Nemesis’ Forums, especially Nemesis, whose tutorials helped me get started in the first place, also to the people of TMT whose varied expertise silently helped me improve, and also all at .map forums.
A huge thank you goes out to my fiancée, Kathy, whose patience during this project was never-ending. I love you Kat! 
And lastly, I would like to thank all of you gamers out there who play our maps, and make it worth the time and effort to create them in the first place! May MoHAA never die!  Kill Ya Later!
Thanks also to -=XTC=-Bodybagger for his incredible sky texture.

At last, let's never forget all the men and women that give the sacrifice of their lives to give us the freedom and luxury to experience the 2nd world war just as a game instead of experiencing it in real life.
17 August 2003
Long Island,


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