A nice town map. Spearhead only.


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A nice town map. Spearhead only.

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Altstadt by Walgrind

This is a medium sized map, best played with 10-20 people. Spearhead only! This map
doesn’t work with AA. The map recreates a very narrow old german town. 
Key-features of the map:

-	get on the roofs and chase the enemy across ‘em
-	sniping is recommended when on the roofs
-	stay on the narrow streets to avoid snipers and make some close quarter battles
-	do not jump outside the town…

To install, simply place the pk3 file into your mainta folder. It is an TDM/RBM map only, so don't try 
to play it on FFA.

To uninstall, simply delete the file from your main folder.

Thanks to:

The ={ELITE}= Clan - for maptesting,
Myself - for creating this beautiful map (hehe)

 -Walgrind 11.06.2003 AD

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