Ardennes 1944 (botaddon)

Another botmap set in the Ardennes Forests near a little town in 1944. It's freezing and with that thick fog the allies have no sight on the...


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Another botmap set in the Ardennes Forests near a little town in 1944. It's freezing and with that thick fog the allies have no sight on the enemy wherabouts, now they attack with no clue...

This is a botmap made by $or and Proximo, it includes winter skins(creators credited in readme) which the bots use. Please read the readme carefully.

Remember all our botmaps contain the jv_bot01+update files and the full map!

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Download '' (9.16MB)


Thanks for downloading this file from us.

TYPE: Botmap
DATE: 10th of July 2008
CREDIT: Proximo & $or – Botaddon, mods…
	Drecks - Map
	Jv_map - botscript
	[BR_MOB] Soldado da Baixada - SH winterskins 
	Ajacks - Martijn Winter Skin
	Black Water - Russian skin (150th rifle division) and german skin (Wiking Division)
	Toefes - Medic Skin
	daVe - Winter Coat
	Unknown - Remaining 2 skins


			>>>>>>>>>>>>Zip Contents<<<<<<<<<<<<
-xyz_botaddon_ardennes1944.pk3			(The botmap Ardennes 1944+winter skinpack included)
-jv_bot01.pk3					(Required file to play with bots)
-jv_bot01_update1.pk3				(Required file to play with bots)
-Readme!!!.txt					(Readme)

This File includes the map, the jv_bot files required to play with bots and the botaddon included in the map.
We make all these maps to please the user for client-side fun. To make people train against bots.
To not make all these great maps go to waste.

Winterskins we assembled are being used by bots(included). We(The MoHAAirborne Team: Proximo & $or) do not take any credit for making 
these skins, ALL credit goes to their creator stated above!!!!

Extract xyz_botaddon_Ardennes1944.pk3 + jv_bot01.pk3 + jv_bot01_update1.pk3  files in your /main folder.

This can be played in spearhead/breakthrough as well. We haven’t tested them there. 
The only thing you need to do is install (the funpack) and the jv_bot01 and jv_bot01_update1 files 
in your /mainta or /maintt directories. The botmap can be left in your /main.

Delete the files you extracted.

You need the jv_bot files to play with bots and the LATEST PATCH!!!
Download our complete Mod to be able to play with flyable planes on this map!

Various skinpacks are supported by this map. To make the bots wear our band of brothers skinpack, 
download/install it. Or to make the bots wear the normal skins supplied in the game.
(Winter Skins are default)

Open the pk3 file with winrar or pakscape go to maps->obj.
Then open the ardennes1944.scr file (editing mode, NOT viewing) and choose the skinpack you want the bots to wear:
Winter skins: This is default.

Bobskins: You can do this by adding // in front all the &quot;_Spawn.scr&quot; files except 
&quot;waitexec maps/BobSkins_ardennes1944_spawn.scr&quot; and then save.

Normal Skins: You can do this by adding // in front of all the &quot;_spawn.scr&quot; files except 
&quot;waitexec maps/ardennes1944_spawn.scr&quot; and then save.

MAKE SURE &quot;waitexec maps/dm/; IS NOT COMMENTED OUT

Any problems, bugs, requests, want to host our files or are you interested in more files for MoH?
Visit the our site ( ) 
***We’ve botted over 140 botmaps with  tons of mods n’ skins… !!!***

Or just e-mail us: ($or) (PROXIMO)

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