This is a fixed version for this GREAT map created by Cpt. Jules, featuring one of my favorite operations of WWII. I fixed the loadi...


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This is a fixed version for this GREAT map created by Cpt. Jules, featuring one of my favorite operations of WWII. I fixed the loading screen, the ambient sound, and of course, a new presentation.

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Operation Market Garden - Arnhem

A Medal of Honor Allied Assault Map


By Nugem & Cpt.Jules


History of Operation Market Garden:

Operation Market Garden (September 17├▒September 25, 1944) was an Allied military operation in 
World War II. Its tactical objectives were to secure a series of bridges over the main rivers 
of the German-occupied Netherlands by large-scale use of airborne forces together with a rapid 
advance by armored units along the connecting roads, for the strategic purpose of allowing an 
Allied crossing of the Rhine river, the last major natural barrier to an advance into Germany. 
The planned rapid advance from the Dutch-Belgian border into northern Germany, across the Maas 
(Meuse) and two arms of the Rhine (the Waal and the Lower Rhine), would have outflanked the 
Siegfried Line and made possible an encirclement of the Ruhr Area, Germany's industrial 

The operation was initially successful with the capture of the Waal bridge at Nijmegen on 
September 20. But it was a failure overall since the British XXX Corps failed to relieve the 
1st Airborne Division, who did not secure the road bridge at Arnhem, but managed to hold out 
near the bridge far longer than planned. The Rhine remained a barrier to the Allied advance 
until the offensives at Remagen, Oppenheim, Rees and Wesel in March 1945. Due to the Allied 
defeat at Arnhem, the north of the Netherlands could not be liberated before winter and the 
Hongerwinter ('Hungerwinter') took thousands of lives, particularly in the cities of the 
Randstad area.



I found this old map about one of my favorite operations during the World War II, The Operation Market Garden.
The map was perfect,but without a loading Image and ambient. Then i am re-lauching this map originally created
by Cpt.Jules,with a good presentation and no-more inclompete.

No credits for me on the Map Design and Map Creation,all goes to Cpt.Jules!


To Install:

Just take the .PK3 file and drop into your MAIN folder in Medal of Honor Allied Assault Directory.



Just delete the same .PK3 file from your MAIN folder. 



All Map Creation and Design - Cpt. Jules

Loading Screen, Ambient and New Presentation - Nugem


About Nugem :

Nugem E-mail :
Nugem Country : Brazil


Nugem hope you enjoy it!

Yours Nugem!


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