Assailant Skin

This is a very nice skin of a soldier with camo outfit and face.


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This is a very nice skin of a soldier with camo outfit and face.

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Assailant Skin
File name: User_US_Assailant_Beta
Made By €liteAssassinVash†SF
I Play Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough
Its my first skin, so its not going to look pro. Also Im not going to submit the full version/better version, And Its not a Beta Acually its a copy of the other version but without a Few things. So I just Dubed it Beta. Maybe ill Relese the full skin or My Under Construction one But Maybe not. 
PS. Ill Have a Site Up Soon. (meaning This isnt My last Skin)
·	1st: You Need a Zip Program (RAR Suggested) but it doesn't matter what you use.
·	2nd: Put the PK3 File in the main, mainta,or maintt (Pefered maintt) I haven't used it on AA or SH.            It should work.
·	3rd: Go into the game Make sure its there {allied_usassailant} If its not makesure you have it in one of the main folders. Also If its missing Textures (meaning big Grey areas {Redownload or Contact me, Address Below})

Still don't work Contact me at {[email protected]} Please, Dont Spam Me.

No Leaching!!!

Drawing Board
UC: Under Construction. FD: Future Development,FC: Future Construction UKD: Unknown Devolpment
·	Project 1UC: Axis Skin Info:N/A
·	Project 2FD: Classafied
·	Project 3UKD: EAoH Clan member Skins (Spearhead Demo Clan) But gone now...sadly.


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