This is a simple Axis avatar.


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AUTHOR : Ryan Hicks 
	A.K.A Pai/\/|<i|_|_3r

CREATED : September 8th, 2002 4:33pm

INSTALL/UNISTALL : Put the included .PK3 file into your
			C:\Program Files\Ea Games\MOHAA\main directory.
			To remove it just remove the included .PK3 file
			from the above directory.

DETAILS : This is a simple axis avatar ...enjoy!


E-MAIL :  /

UPCOMING MODS : *Done* Old looking springfield *Done* , a new character skin, 
	a medic vehicle skin, and anything else I think of.

QUOTE : &quot;For he that sheds blood with me, shall be my brother.&quot;

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