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Here is my mod management software. Included in the zip are 6 screenshots (in PNG format) and a readme. The Program Installer is located a...


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Here is my mod management software. Included in the zip are 6 screenshots (in PNG format) and a readme. The Program Installer is located at:;8723467;/fileinfo.html This program works for the following games: 3DO Army Men SW Jedi Knight Jedi Academy Call of Duty 1 Call of Duty 1: UO Call of Duty 2 Battlefield 1942 MoHAA MoHAA:SP & BT


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Download '' (429KB)

After you install this Manager, run "Help -> Online Updates" to download
new version (v2.27 +)

Adelphos Pro Backfire: Mod management helper

Q. What is this thing?
	"This thing" is a mod manager for several popular (or ex popular) games.

Q. So what games does this thing support?
	At the moment it supports only 9 (plus 2 basic support files):
		3DO Army Men
		SW Jedi Knight Jedi Academy
		SW Battlefront 2 (Basic Support, for future updates)
		Call of Duty 1
		Call of Duty 1: UO
		Call of Duty 2
		Battlefield 1942
		Rainbow 6 Raven Shield (Basic Support)

Q. What does 'Basic Support' mean?
	In other words, it only Detects the game. Rainbow 6 comes with
	a no cd patch though. If a mod maker creates a support file for his/her mod
	then Backfire will detect it, but at the moment there is no automatic detection
	of the installed mods (that is something that im working on though!)

Q. What are some of the main features of Backfire?
	1) EASLY enable/disable installed mods
	2) VERY customizable. Each game support file can have it's own sounds
	3) VERY user friendly Just click a mod from 1 of two lists (enabled/disabled)
	and click 'Enable/Disable' Each mod that has a support file may show a bitmap and
	a discription (That depends on how lazy people are :P)
        4) You can filter mods based on what they are
	5) You can "Send To Backfire" a mod from explorer to install it to your games!
	6) You can delete, rename, or save a mod from within Backfire
	7) You can update Backfire from the 'Help' menu
	8) You can open a game's directory from within Backfire!
	9) Open source and written in one of the easiest languages around: Liberty Basic
	*) If you still need more information, PLEASE email me [email protected]

Q. What is a support file?
	A. There are two types of support files:
	 1) Game support file
	 2) Mod support file
		These files tell Backfire about themselves and how
	to install them. Game support files are located in [DATA]\[GAMES].
	Mod support files are located in the game's main directory (ie. [DATA]\[GAMES]\MOHAA).
	The games main directory's name is the same as that game's main program
	directory (ie. Mohaa.exe is normally found at C:\program files\ea games\MOHAA).
	You can find out how to create a support file by looking at: sampmod.txt for mods
	or sampgame.txt for games. There is also another type of file It's called a Blind File
	(Dont ask why, I have no earthly idea). A blind file is just a single mod file without
	a support file. (Mohaa mods end in .pk3, so any '*.pk3.mod' file found in the game's main
	directory ([DATA]\[GAMES]\MOHAA, etc) is a blind file. It will be installed in the 
	game's main program directory. You can create a small Id file for a Blind file. This
	file will tell Backfire in what sub directory to install/uninstall the Blind file
	(All MOhaa mods are located in 'main', so for a file who's name is myfile.pk3.mod, I 
	would create a file called 'myfile'. Here is what would be in the file:

	You see? so the file 'myfile.pk3.mod' would be created as: 'C:\program files\...\MOHAA\main\myfile.pk3'
	(Note the missing '.mod', it will be removed automaticaly)
	If you are still confused, feel free to look around the program's directories for hints, or
	email me at: [email protected] Please expect, at the most, a week for a reply, I'm kind of 

Q. How can I create a support file?
	A. Run 'BackfireSupport.exe' by DjHeps! (read legal.txt)
	B. Please look at the samp*.txt files Or read the help file from the 'help' menu.

Q. Some stuff I ask you
	If you like the program, please pass it out Just make sure that all license information and
	readme's are included I would also ask that if you can figure out how to create a support file, please 
	release the file with your mods that you create Just to help this program grow You can install all game
	support files in: [DATA]\[GAMES]\
	Please look above for rules about where all .mod files are. All your modded files then go in a custom (And very original)
	sub folder in the game's main support directory (ie, [data]\[games]\MOHAA\MyModByMe\{all my mod files, etc})
        Look at the sample .game files for information on types.

Remark. This isn't a readme....
	I know I know.....

Adelphos Pro Backfire Legal Information

Adelphos Pro Backfire is Copyleft (c) 2007, Tyler Minard. You 
may freely distribute this program and all it's contents throughout 
any medium, whether in RAM, on Cd, or any platform of Windows. You may edit, and redistribute the edited 
code as long as the following parameters are met and kept:

1. You must first ask permission from the author to distribute, once he says OK 
then you may.
2. You must credit the author for everything besides what you have edited, for 
the edited portion is your work, then since it is copylefted. For example,
"Backfire by Tyler Minard, Revised and updated by Billy Bob"
3. You may not take credit for this work in any form if you have not edited or 
changed anything.
4. You may not sell this for profit in anyway.You may however charge a SMALL fee to cover costs of distribution
medium ONLY if you CLEARLY state: A) That the software can be downloaded FREELY, and
B) The internet address of the offical installation and/or my email address ([email protected])

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