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Another version of the [ITTBR] realism mod. Check the readme for all the info on this mod.



Ivan The Terrible's Balanced Weapons Realism [ITTBR] v1.4

[ITTBR] is a realism mod that was designed to accomplish
4 goals: 1) make all of the weapons equally effective
2) make the allied and axis weapons exactly equal 3) tune
weapon performance to discourage camping and 4) make all
the weapons perform realistically within their class.

Weapons Performance:
The following table summarizes the performance
characteristics of each class of weapon on a scale of
1 to 4 with 4 being best:

		MG	SMG	Rifle	Sniper
		==	===	=====	======
Damage:		2	1	4	3	
ROF:		3	4	2	1
Accuracy:	2	1	3	4
Range:		2	1	3	4
Movement:	1	3	4	2
Kick:		3	4	2	1

Rifles are a 1 shot kill and machine guns are a 2 shot
kill. You'll notice that the Bazooka and shotgun are
missing;the reason is that since this is a realism mod,
only weapons that were realistically used in WWII are
included in the mod. You'll notice also that Kick is
included in the table. I've added realistically
proportional kick to the weapons that require you to
use your mouse to fight the kick of the weapon. The
amount of kick produced by each gun is proportionally
correct when compared to the relative kick of each of
the other weapons. The MG class for instance will kick
approximately 65% less than the Rifle class and so on.
The Kar98 has been modified to perform like a Gewehr43
semi-auto which was the German equivalent of the M1
Garand. In an effort to reward non-campers I've slightly
increased the accuracy of weapons when moving. While the
camper will still have the advantage, at least the
advantage is narrowed.

What's new in v1.4:
1. SMG range slightly decreased
2. Rifle damage reduced & ROF slightly increased
3. MG kick slightly reduced

This mod has been extensively play tested on my server
at and you are welcome to drop by and try
it out for yourself. I welcome all comments and
suggestions regarding this mod...enjoy.

Ivan The Terrible
[email protected]

I would like to thank all the folks at the following
sites for their help:

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