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BB (Base Builder), Allows you at the start of the map to pick up objects from the map and use them to build walls, Barricades, And MG42 Turrets to fight and defend your self plus your team from the other team.

Item List: - Yellow Box: Box nice for stairs and walls. - Green cable spool: Cable spool good for stairs and lose walls. - Lt Blue Box: This is an elevator, You need to set the bottom start point then the top end point. - Red MG42: And u can place a MG42 Turret. - Blue sandbag: Sandbag wall, Good for blocking off wide areas real fast. - Red Dot: This is a Teleporter, Set your entry point and then a point were you will end up. (Great for making traps and so on.) - White Table: This large table can fill any hole’s real fast. To pick up an item: Walk over the glowing item you want to use, But be sure it’s the right color or you will get the wrong item. Then there are 2 ways to place the item on the map:

  • -

1. Walk to the general area where you want it then hold down the primary fire key untill it says on the screen “OBJECT PLACED”, You will now respawn. - 2. Walk to the general area where you want the item hold down the USE key, And a laser will project the item where you want to place it hold down the primary fire key till it says on the screen “OBJECT PLACED”, You will not respawn this way.

If you want the item to face on a angle to your view, Look in the direction of that angle hold down the “USE” key then while holding the “USE” key turn and place the item were you want it, The item will hold the angle it started with as long as you hold the “USE” key.

So far all MoH:AA and SH TDM maps (Except Unterseite) are in this MOD. The author will add OBJ & BT maps over time. There are a few security issues with getting under the map in the MoH:AA which stil need to be fixed. The original MOD used CI type systems to stop this but it would get non cheating players as well so the author decided to take that out.

SPAWN PROTECTION: It is a regular thing for one or two players to try and block in the other teams spawn area so they are trapped and can be spawnkilled, To stop this on several maps there are area restrictions added for each team. If an Axis team member crosses the blue spawn poles he dies vice versa for allies.

Now go check out this file and tell us what you think, Enjoy :D




Drag the zzzzzUB_BaseBuilderMODv05c.pk3 into your /main folder.

Just remove the zzzzzUB_BaseBuilderMODv05c pk3 file from your server's directory.

Credits & Support
Please note, you do not get any support with this package... as I cannot be associated with it
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