BaseBuilder Unliminted

This is the Original BaseBuilder that was modded by the infamous {jR}clan


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This is the Original BaseBuilder that was modded by the infamous {jR}clan

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BaseBuilder Unliminted
Build Version 3.0
Established:December 16,2005
Released:July 14,2007
Original:AlienX Software
Modded:{jR} Clan - Cobra,Ryan,John

The Original BaseBuilder 2 by the famous AlienX,modded by the infamous {jR} Clan.This is based from the original leaving you with more objects to build with.It also gives you a good amount of Single Player Maps to mess with.Open PK3 to view a good list of all of the playable maps.New Objective maps such as V2 Rocket Facility Now Available,Obj_team4 is not working properly.Fill free to add more objects,but do not rid the credit of AlienX nor the modders.30 Cals are not working properly atm,but may be fixed by you or anyone from the {jR} Clan.We might not add on this mod any more or we might add to it.

Open the rar and place the pk3 into your Main/Maintaa folder.Start up your server on a TDM or Free For All and have fun!

AlienX Software 2002-Present
{jR} Clan 2003-2007
This mod was created by AlienX,do not take full credit of this mod or legal advisments may be placed.Please do not delete any credits what-so-ever because this mod has had excellent work placed into it and deserves our presence.

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