This is a battlefield map with many objects.

I began sneaking across the mutilated wasteland. What may have once been a lush forest has turned into a creator-ridden desert. Filled with blast holes and littered with corpses, once wonders why we are fighting over this barren territory.

Anyway… It’s a fairly basic map. A pretty large one too. With a bunker for either side, a sniper tower or two, explosions everywhere, this can be great for large team play. Its pretty well balanced too. With the thick fog snipers don’t get that good of an advantage. It’s not that resource costing either. Good map for 15-20 People.

Reviewed by Madmanfrommars

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Battle Field

In this map you will face trenches on the both sides of the map and many others hide outs in the midle 
of the map and a watch tower right in the midle, the are some explodable crates in specific places and
many other things that you can interact like MG42 and barrels that leak, wepons, health crates and other
The map starts in the beginning of a storm and there are explosions every where  so keep your head down.

Still you can check the visuals and details of the map.

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