The new perfect third person mod is here This mod disables all the server crashing and player advantiage giveing cheats so even if you dont want the third person mod you can still download it and put the gamex86.dll file in your serverto stop those doggers!!! This mod is server-side. To activate 3rd person you have to press / while in the game to toggle it on and off. currently this mod is running on my clans server the ip is come join us at any time!

i also have to give some credit to the people that posted on my other versions forums, they helped me make this verion even better!

and espesialy to pprox cuase he helped me figure out that their was a bad loop in the script and that helped me make the mod alot better.

and also carbon131 for helping me fix the unacurat crosshair problem

tnx for all the feed back and i hope you enjoy this version even more!



      //                  This mod was made by Bba234               //
     //This mod is free to be modded and disrubuted as long as     //
    //credit is given were credit is due.                         //
   //For any questions contact me at freewebs.com/dta--clan and i//
  //will get back to you as soon as posible.                    //

This is Version two of my original 3rd person mod iin this version i fixed a few things

1. I fixed some stuff that i miss spelled.....lol...
2. I fixed the aiming problem in third person so now the crosshairs are more acurate.
3. I fixed a memory consuming loop in the script. tnx pprox for pointing that out.

This mod allows the clients of a server to use third person. 
But dont worry all of the other cheat commands have been disabled so you dont have to worry about those 
pesky doggers and server crashing spawners.

To install: just place the zzzzz_3rd_person_V-2.pk3 and the gamex86.dll file into your MoHAA main directory

Remember to back up your origanal gamex86.dll file!!!

To uninstall: just delete the files from your main from your main directory


to get custom skins and mods contact me at [email protected]

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