Big Red One

A reproduction of the badge of the first infantry devision, often called "The Big One"


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A reproduction of the badge of the first infantry devision, often called "The Big One"

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Big Red One Avatar

   made by 

Pair O' Noyas

7 September 2002

This is an avatar for the Allied side which reproduces the badge of the famous and historic First Infantry Division, the Big Red One. 

To Install:

Unzip User-BR1-Avatar.pk3 into your \MOHAA\main directory. If you have another allied avatar installed, remove its .pk3 from \MOHAA\main. 

To Uninstall:

Remove User-BR1-Avatar.pk3 from your \MOHAA\main directory.

For information about the Big Red One, visit their Society's site at:

If you haven't watched Samuel Fuller's great movie, "The Big Red One" you might want to check it out. A good review is here:

I made this avatar (my first) at the request of Capt. Andrews, a regular player on my "A Walk In The Sun" CKR server. Cap is a great admirer of The Big Red One and its wartime exploits. Thanks to him for giving me the push toward doing this. 

Stop by for a game at:

A Walk In The Sun DSL-CKR Team Death Match server at:

Contact me, Pair O' Noyas, the server admin at:

Copyright notice:

As far as I know, no copyright has been violated in the production of this avatar. 

The badge is, of course, the property of the US Army and its First Infantry Division, and I certainly don't want them upset with me! 

If you distribute this avatar, please credit me as its maker, and distribute only the complete archive, including this readme file.

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