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This is a blood patch for spearhead (duh!)


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This is a blood patch for spearhead (duh!)


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Here is a blood patch for Spearhead.

Install: copy .pk3 file under Mohaa/mainta folder. / Uninstall: delete file.

Leon  /  [email protected]

My other MOH files are: [Copy files under Mohaa/mainta folder instead of Mohaa/main. My all files works with all versions of patches.]
 Heavily Modified Weapons:  

  -Sten P MG42
  -Colt Raging Bull                                                      -Sten Mk II SAS
  -Springfield Custom BB Gun                                       -FAMAS Thompson 1946
  -3 in 1 BB Guns Pack                                                -Spearhead Riot Mk II
  -USA Riot Shotgun & Combat Gloves                          -Verbesserte HS 9mm
  -MP 70                                                                  -XtG 50 NSDAP
  -Soviet SMG                                                           -Ubersoldat Kar98 Sniper Mk II
  -MP 75 Ausf C                                                        -XMP 70 Mk II                                        
  -Ubersoldat Kar98 Sniper                                          -West Point Garand 
  -Thompson Para 9mm                                              -Spec Ops Springfield II
  -Tokarev                                                                -Colt ACP 14            
  -Karabiner 98 Biathlon                                              -Spetznatz PPSH MG42

 Weapon Skins Pack:
  -WW2 Rifle Collection

 Scope Mods:
  -ZNV Light Amplification Scopes
  -ZNV Zombie Light Amplification Scopes
  -ZNV Nazi Ghosts Light Amplification Scopes

  -Hitler's DNA
  -Tracer Smoke for Bazookas
  -Wolfen Compass Pack
  -Weapons In Color
  -Verbesserte HS 9mm for Allies
  -Vehicle Add-Ons for Multiplayer maps
  -Spearhead vehicle Add-On Pak

[Do not distribute my files without written permission.]

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