Blue Dot Crosshair

A very small, and accurate blue dot


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A very small, and accurate blue dot

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Blue Dot Crosshair

This crosshair is slightly bigger than the others we made. The looks of this crosshair wasn't the purpose, this crosshair increases your accuracy for every weapon. If you want smaller and different color crosshairs from us, find the Lime Green and the Red Dot Crosshairs.

See the screenshot to see how this blue dot looks.

This works for both mohaa and mohaas and probably for mohaab but never tested for mohaab

Mohaa: put the .pk3 file into your MOHAA/Main folder
Mohaas: put the .pk3 file in both your MOHAA/Main and MOHAA/Mainta folder
Mohaab: put the .pk3 file in both your MOHAA/Main, MOHAA/Mainta, and MOHAA/Maintt folder

Just simply remove the .pk3 file

[email protected] or [email protected] for any problems and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Mad Modder

			---> 13th Airborne <---

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