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These are MUST HAVE tools to play with bots, the Bot Menu V2 lets you control the bots in every way, even on your server! So no more enterin...


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These are MUST HAVE tools to play with bots, the Bot Menu V2 lets you control the bots in every way, even on your server! So no more entering jv commands into the console.

And the Bot Scoreboard (BETA) lets you see the number of bots you killed and the number of kills and deaths other bots have!

Read the readme carefully!

And download now!!

$or: I'll try and update the scoreboard so it'll track more than 10 bots per team.

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Download '' (45KB)

////////BOT SCOREBOARD and Botmenu_V2//////////

VERSION: 1.0 Beta
TYPE: Bot tools
DATE: 10th of July 2008
CREDIT: Bot Menu (v2) - Ric-Hard
	Bot Scoreboard - URC Clan


Place the xyz_bot_scoreboard_and_botmenu_v2.pk3 along WITH the autoexec.cfg file into your /main directory.
Once you start MoHAA the autoexec SHOULD have added the binds to your config file, so after that you may delete it.
Start a LAN game with bots and test it out!

(should work in SH, All you need to do is add the autoexec.cfg in your mainta/tt folder and start the game.
It SHOULD have written the bind to SH/BT&apos;s config file so you may delete it. Then try it. However these won&apos;t be stable in SH/BT
especially the scoreboard. However we have not tested it yet.)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOT SCOREBOARD: BETA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

To make the Bot Scoreboard pop up, press J to close the scoreboard press ESC!
Here you will see all kills and death of bots and the number of bots you killed.
Along with the teamscores etc...)

If you whant to change the key edit your config file 
(or if you left the autoexec in the main, then edit the autoexec file)
The KEY ONLY(change j into x or something), because if you alter some other things your mohaa
won&apos;t work properly anymore.

-The death and kill counting aren&apos;t accurate 
(especially of the bots killing other bots and dying by other bots)

-You&apos;ll see your name in the scoreboard AFTER you made your first botkill.

-Max 10 bots are tracked by the scoreboard

It&apos;s still A MUST HAVE to play bots ;)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bot Menu V2<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

To activate it, press n. To close press ESC. 
You will be prompted to press 1 of the 2 buttons:
CLIENT: This is to manage bots in a LAN game.
RCON: This is to manage bots in your own server (online)

Here you can control all the bots like you would players in a server.

Add bots (allies), add bots (axis), add bots (both teams), Turn bots on/off (IF YOU WANT TO PLAY WITHOUT BOTS)
Kick all allied bots, kick all axis bots, kick all bots...ETC even developper tools like miniconsole, logfile...

This is a really handy tool!

-When adding bots they will kick and replace all bots for a while (8 seconds or so but this is NORMAL)
but sometimes you need to do it AGAIN. Then the bots will be added. (The only happens the first time in a game)

-If you kick all bots on the same team twice the bots will keep refreshing WITH NO END, SO TRY AND AVOID THIS!!


Do you have any questions or problems?

Don&apos;t hesitate to e-mail me!!!

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