Brandon's Variety Pack

The latest version of Brandon's Variety Pack, including new features and bug tweaks.


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The latest version of Brandon's Variety Pack, including new features and bug tweaks.

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Variety Pack
This is a server side mod for weapons, jumping and the words used in
the game. Use with Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough
(might work on Spearhead & AA too but i only tested it on Breakthrough)

How to install

Unzip and place pk3 file in maintt folder, remove to uninstall.
This only works right when other mods aren't in the folder. If you 
MUST have this in the maintt folder when other mods are in then add 
more zZz's to the beginning of the file name so it loads last or else 
the other mods will overwrite parts of this mod when being used.

Brandon R.


This is my 2nd and last mod I'll bother making as this one is perfect! 
Most weapons now have scopes with extra zoom. The Bazooka & Panzerschreck
have been renamed to "Noob Tube". The tracerfrequency has 
been adjusted so you can see where your shot is going all the time which 
is nice for sniping with the M1. All weapons have 9999 ammo so you can 
never run out of ammo before dying and you don't have to worry about changing 
clips while being shot at. Weapons shoot much faster now. All weapons come
with an extra weapon the High Standard Silenced. The grenades have 
poison gas, pink'ish for Allies and green for Axis (i'm sure you seen this 
before). You have mega jump which is nice for hiding on a roof and sniping 
(again you probably seen this on other servers before and i like it). All 
weapons are stronger so you can kill quicker. Bash is stronger for a few 
guns (i didn't make all guns have strong bash because i know how some players 
abuse it). I reworded some of the comments ingame like when you kill yourself 
it now says you committed suicide! if you get killed by a pistol it says you 
are pwned or if you get sniped it now says you was assassinated etc. I 
adjusted run speed so you always run at 1.5 (faster then normal) when using 
any weapon. Rifles are the strongest weapon with this mod set to 100 and pistols 
are only set to 55 (higher then normal but weaker then the other weapons). So 
basically this is a bunch of stuff you probably can already get on other mods 
but this puts them all together into one file with my own personal touch. 
happy gaming! 

UPDATE: Axis M1 changed back to Mauser Kar98k ...oops!
scopes added to Kar98, Bazooka, Panzerschreck, Moschetto, 
Mosin Nagant Rifle, PPSH SMG, Sten Mark II,
Vickers-Berthiers, Carcano, Piat, Breda,
High Standard Silenced (sniper's heaven baby!)

If you downloaded this file before this date Thursday, February 10, 2005
then please re-download it as I've updated it.

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