Build a base is a mod to allow building of bases. Using an object lift accessed by the USE key. No need for triggers. You can place, select, delete , throw, chuck, bash objects and even chuck objects into players. Build mode clock will countdown while you create. Then you weapons become active and you can fight for the title. Smash each others bases and creations or fend them off with your tactically placed objects. Mg's, teleports, lifts and even decoys. MG's are fixed , no glitching like base builder! no sharking, no map crashing with simple skin bugs. No endless triggers and as many items in as many different scales as admin can imagine.



build a base (sfx) version! readme.

19:18 01/08/2008

both state files

added if u type kill while in build mode, you will be respawned, u will NOT lose a life or
gain a death. This is so u get suck, respawn.

changed some things prob not worth mentioning. added some stuff to the cvars file.

changed the teleports to avoid telefragging.

* Changed the state files to fixed versions
  - Including shark fix, mg fix, team swap, nade drop and skin crashing fixes.
* Added "only_admins_delete" cvar.
  - This cvar sets so only admins can delete objects. Admins are detected automaticaly in build mode every5 seconds.
  - You can also set yourself as admin by typing "rcon imadmin YOUR_ENTNUM"
* Added  "use_select_beams" cvar.
  - This makes a nifty little func beam parimeter around an object selection 	.
* Some changed to bb_log 1 output.
 - Removed , from vectors.
 - Replaces (- with ( - in fectors.
 - Removed errors from bb_log.
 - Put quotation marks around name and thread in log output. Should avoid errors.

made it so u can place objects_list.txt 
in main and it will work, its missing, it will look in the
bb folder for the default and use that.

fixed health problem with immune items exploding.
added "kill" msg to message list
made respawn players they type kill a lil faster
added not_solid thread by default
turns off admin pro spawn protection during build mode 

20:23 11/09/2006
changed the way items have health again
fixed teleports, threads and lifts  to work.
all items health works right
added a broadcast thread with svflags at ound start as experiment. May help with lag or make it worse??

05:41 11/09/2006
changed the way objects have damae, turret guns are different
fixed collision for scaled objects
changed some explosion models
changed explosion thread, so players dont try to blow up objects for kills
changed items_explode cvar 1 defaut
fixed a mmissing sound for mg's

to add objects edit the bb/objects_List.rxr

added AP state files, change ur settings in 
AP to force states bb_nagle_aa , found in advanced.txt

lifts bounding box setsize changed to match object boundries to try
 and make it  easier for player to stay on

 can rotate the object, message instructions 
remove physics for primary fire, secondary fire hold chucks
added when u hit by a chucked object, u are knocked back.

new controls.

while holding an object, press holder and use the direction keys to rotate the object.
while walking forwards/backwards will move the object further, closer to the player

script has been executed from all DM maps. All dm maps are included in this pk3

This is not even an alpha or beta, just a quick 
example, template of ideas for a possible further 
development into "build a base" who's name probably 
will change.

please dont run this on your server unless your like :yeah.
the state file IS NOT FIXED, it still has sharking bugs etc, 
i quickly grabbed a new one, 

If no one likes this and thinks its just as crap as base builder, i wont bother
working on it more, if 1 or 2 like it, they can work on it more :D (will prob happen, i mean
im too lazy and spent this day doing this when i could be doing my real work).

If i ever update AP, i may build this into AP and then if i was supporting this, not support the
standalone anymore, Given that it would be easier in AP, mroe setting, state file fixes, and 
spawn detection.

Running the game

in order to run the game on your map, you must exec it after level waittill spawn

eg, from stalingrad



// set scoreboard messages
setcvar "g_obj_alliedtext1" "Stalingrad"
setcvar "g_obj_alliedtext2" ""
setcvar "g_obj_alliedtext3" ""
setcvar "g_obj_axistext1" ""
setcvar "g_obj_axistext2" ""
setcvar "g_obj_axistext3" ""

setcvar "g_scoreboardpic" "mohdm6"

	// call additional stuff for playing this map round based is needed
		thread roundbasedthread

	level waittill prespawn
	//*** Precache Dm Stuff
	exec global/DMprecache.scr

	exec global/door_locked.scr::lock
	level.script = maps/dm/mohdm6.scr
	exec global/ambient.scr mohdm6
	level waittill spawn

exec bb/main.scr //exec bb


Controls (plz read)
while in game press USE to spawn an object,
use LEAN left and right to toggle between objects. 
You can hold downa  lean direction to quickly scroll through
the objects.To select an object press Primary Fire to drop it
to chuck an object press and hold Secondary fire,
the longer you hold it, the further your object will fly.

When you do not have an object in your view, by looking 
at an object and pressing a Fire button on the mouse, 
you select that object. The object will become eluminated in 
a red glow, You can see when players select objects,
Pressing Primary Fire will select this object and pick it up.
Pressing Seconday fire on the mouse will delete this object.
So, double clicking with primary fire , will pick up the object. 
While double clicking secondary fire on a selected object will delete it.

If cvars are not set, the default , set in bb/cvars.scr will be used. 

build_time , Sets the time you have to build, default 500.

max_objects, Sets the maximum objects that can be spawned, default 800.
	      This is to stop crashing due to running out of free edicts. If this
                     limit is reached, then the game will start.

log_bb, This prints out to console all the current objects in script form. This script
            can later be extracted and used to spawn objects into the game. default 0.
	set to 1 to activate.
bb_script, If you have an object script, produced manualy or by the cvar above. Setting
	this cvar to the script path will exec that script and therefore spawn all the entities into the map.

bb_on, 0 = off, 1 = on , turns mod on and off

items_explode, 0 items break up, 1= items explode when they breakup

finish_build, If set to anything other than blank will finish the build time instantly

delete_own_team_only , if set 1, then players can only delete items set by their team

delete_own_only, if set 1, then players can only delete items set by themselves

use_select_beams, If set 1. Then when you select objects, func beams will urround them. 
		  This is a lil slow as func beams dont update v.well.

only_admins_delete, If set to 1. Then only admins with server rcon can delete objects.

Adding objects:
to add objects u can simply open bb/objects.scr, the makearray at the top of the script contains a list of all
the object that will be toggleable by leaning. Index 1 should be the tik, 2 should be the name.

	level.bb["obejcts"] = makearray
	"static/indycrate.tik"		"indycrate"
	"static/barbwire.tik"		"barbwire"
	"static/wardrobe.tik"		"wardrobe"
	"static/static_torpedo.tik"	"torpedo"

for example to add a V2

	level.bb["obejcts"] = makearray
	"static/indycrate.tik"		"indycrate"
	"static/barbwire.tik"		"barbwire"
	"static/wardrobe.tik"		"wardrobe"
	"static/static_torpedo.tik"	"torpedo"
	"static/v2.tik"	"v2"

note: that tik path is probably wrong. 

Ready spawned objects
If you wish to spawn objects yourself , Spawn objects with the targetname "bb_object".

	local.model = spawn script_model targetname "bb_object"
	local.model.origin = ( 0 0 0 )
	local.model model "tatic/indycrate.tik"

This model will be accessible by the players to pick up and delete.

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