Bullet Holes Avatars

Two avatars of different colors with bullet holes.


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Two avatars of different colors with bullet holes.

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Download 'user-dadukies87bulletholeavatars.zip' (450KB)

******************THANK YOU FOR DOWNLOADING DADUKIES87'S BULLETHOLE AVATARS*********************

To install:
1)Download File
2)Extract to C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA\main
3)If you have any other custom avatars, you must delete them in order for DaDukies87's
Bullethole Avatars to work.
4)Play and enjoy DaDukies87's Bullethole Avatars!!

Thanks again!!  Please look for more player skins, avatars, and weapon skins from DaDukies87 at

If you have any suggestions, please E-Mail me at DaDukies87@yahoo.com

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