Canyon Snipe

Its a map made for snipers and is set in a canyon, with tunnels underground.


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Its a map made for snipers and is set in a canyon, with tunnels underground.

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Download '' (1.11MB)


	Hi and thanks for taking the time to download another great BRD Project. 
This map is a remake of an old Soldier of Fortune map I had designed a while 
back. It supports both Free For All and Team Modes of play. It should be 
great for sniping for all you snipers out there. Hope you enjoy this, more 
to come.....


	This map is real easy to instal. Simply extract the .pk3 to your MOHAA/MAIN 
For example:

		c:\program files\MOHAA\main\

That's it, simple huh?


	Lots of thanks and kudos go out to the Honor Brigade Clan for helping me 
test the map. Great bunch of players. Thanks to {HB}LARD, {HB}Darque and all 
the rest that helped.
You can find them at:
They also periodically run MOHAA game servers with custom maps from BRD as 
well as their own {HB} maps and some of the other great user maps out there. 
You can find their game servers by typing the following IP Addresses into 
you MOHAA Game Browser, All-Seeing Eye or Gamespy:

If they are running, I'm sure they will be more than happy to see you.

Email me with questions or comments at

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