CMC Map Pack

A collection of fantasy styled maps.


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A collection of fantasy styled maps.

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This is a map pack that's going to rock your socks off. 
There are three separate maps, each with its own unique style of play: 

The CMC map is wide open spaces with teleporters and spawn points dotted all over the map. 
Be sure to bring your sniper rifle. 

Battledome is a combination of open spaces for sniping and a kick-butt maze. 

House of Death is fast, furious, close quarters action. 
You'd better be quick in this house or you'll die often. Lots of secrets here also. 

To install, simply extract the pk3 file to your main folder.
To uninstall, remove it or delete it.

More great maps and all your other MoH needs can be found at
Once you've installed this pack, come on over to our server and join in the battle. 
You'll be hooked the first time you do.

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