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COD Thompson SMG

In the COD rip collection , this is the Thompson !


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In the COD rip collection , this is the Thompson !

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***************COD Thompson SMG*****************

Hello , this is ''just'' a rip of the COD Thompson Allied SMG

File name: COD Thompson SMG
Author : Angel : [NER-FR]Avidius[Pvt]
Date: 24/4/05
Made on : Apple eMac g4 1ghz http:www.apple.com/emac/ + pc 'Angel'
With : Photoshop CS , BBedit , photoshop CS , Lightray 3d (thank you m8 ;) ) , apple zip for compiling the pk3 , 
and Amadeus II for sound editing
Comments: I just made this mod for fun so dont flame me if you dont like it :D
Comments/feedback/help at death.angel @ spymac .com
aim : thereadeathangel
msn: death.angel @ spymac .com.
website : http:afd-clan.tk

cya , thank fo downloading ;) 



put ZzZzZCOD-Thompson-SH-BT.pk3 in maintt or mainta for breakghtrought ans spearhead players
put ZzZzZCOD-Thompson-AA-only.pk3 in main for allied asault players

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