CYG Realism



CYG Realism is a server side realism mod that is based on the actual weapons of the war rather and not so much on gameplay. Each weapon has been changed according to data from the various companies that manufactured them down to the soldiers who carried them. Each weapon is ranged in according to their actual specifications and all of the weapon damages take into account the ammunition type that was used as well as all relevant ballistic data. Each weapon is given a server side viewkick which helps to add to the realistic experience of the player. Every weapon class is now related more toward their actual use, rifles shoot farther and smg’s are good for close quarters battles. All emplaced weapons have been modified to be close to WW2 specifications as well, like the MG42, which now fires 1500rpm. Full documentation is included along with six versions of the mod to help you tailor it to whatever type of gameplay you desire.



	Crazy Yoda Games Realism Modification for Spearhead


To install this mod just use the included installer program.
Once installed please navigate to your Start menu then to programs 
and "CYG_Realism". To install the modification package  please see 
the included "Quick Install Guide" at the end of the installation
for details. Also be sure to read the "Online Manual". This
contains vital information on this modification as well as the
complete installation instructions.


Crazy Yoda


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