Dark.Angels Map Fixes



This is map fix pack for MoH:AA, SH and BT



Map-fixed Mod 3,0 -------------  Installation:  ------------  The Zip file unpack.  That is a server-lateral Mod and must in the Mohaa Main (with Mohaa AA) or then into mainta (with Mohaa SH) the server resetten, wars.  This map-fixed does not add Models to the points where one nose use can, but the player that is tried it killed.  The following Maeps is fixed:  S.France --> cannot do no more on the roofs u.s.w D.Village --> can no more on the Sniperhaus u.s.w Remagen --> can no more behind the wall u.s.w Stalingrad --> can no more on the roof crossing --> can no more under the map u.s.w Algiers --> can no more under the map u.s.w Brest --> can no more on the stromleitungen thunderstorms --> can no more on the trees snow-covered --> can no more on the roof city --> leaders goes now all maps --> to leader trick over under the map going is fixed.  All the same which for a map, is the leader trick now fixed, thus one can now no more under the map at the Leitern.(Auch with Custommaps) chutes of the Axen in the Zweikanmpf we likewise repaired fixed with this map.  The ladder in city in drains goes now also.  If the map fixed tries times, think it are fixed all important points.  

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MAil.:[email protected] 
Mod by:  -- Nofa -- Dark.Angel 2005

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