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A nice little admin tool here, good job.


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A nice little admin tool here, good job.

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Download 'nofa_dark1.angel_admintool.zip' (868KB)


1.:  The Zip file implementing.  
3.:  Open the file Admintool after the installation.  
4.:  In this file are now:  A file Client and a file server, as well as this Readme.  
5.:  Now the file server opening.  
6.:  Open as the first the file info.cfg with the editor and its clan data register and store.  
7.:  Now all files of the file server high-load (Wenn on your server of the Snakepatch on your Gameserver or Mohaa_CI_Adminmod are installed, then these before delete) all files must on your Gameserver either in:  Main, mainta, maintt depending upon which you for a server have.  Mohaa AA servers = Main Mohaa SH Sever = mainta Mohaa BT servers = maintt now your servers cfg (your cfg, where you adjust otherwise everything) open and the following in the upper one range cfg register:
     //Nofa Admin Mod 
     exec ci.cfg  

8.:  Now your Gameserver resetten.
9.:  Now the file Client in the file AdminTool open.  
10.: In this file two files are, these must it in either into your Main, mainta, maintt files in your Mohaa install (pure-copy).  Mohaa AA = Main Mohaa SH = mainta Mohaa BT = maintt 
11:  Now your Mohaa (AA, sh, bt) depending upon which you have open.  
12.:  On your server connecten.  
13.:  If you open the CONSOLE on your server since, then.  
14.:  Now enter the following into the CONSOLE:  bind x togglemenu rconmenu (the x can by a letter of your choice be replaced, more auser ae, ue, oe I have it on n).  
15.:  The CONSOLE close 
16.:  Now the key press, which bound for it, now should see the Admintool to her.  
17.:  Around the Admintool to activate with Rconpassword of your Rconpassword enter and Enter press, now can everything be served.

Have Fun with It !!

When the installing not good , then Contact Me

Mail: [email protected]

c.:--Nofa--Dark.Angel 2004

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