DaRKaNGeL COD:UO soundmod

It's a mod that replace sound of moh with COD:UO stock ones


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It's a mod that replace sound of moh with COD:UO stock ones

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Download 'zzdarkangelcoduosoundmod.zip' (9.08MB)

Call Of Duty United Offensive Sound Mod for Medal Of Honor Allied Assault


This mod replaces all your MoHAA sounds with the ones from Call Of Duty United Offensive.

To install:

-First get this file and put it in your main/mainta/maintt:


-Then extract the pk3 from this zip file to the main/mainta/maintt directory.

To uninstall:

-Remove the file

List of feautures:

-United Offensive PPSH41 Fire Sound

-United Offensive Sten Reload Sound

-United Offensive Silenced Fire Sound

-United Offensive G43 Fire Sound

-United Offensive SVT40 Fire Sound

-United Offensive G43 Reload Sound

-United Offensive SVT40 Reload Sound

-United Offensive TT33 Fire Sound (For Nagant Revolver)

-United Offensive TT33 Reload Sound (For Beretta)

-United Offensive Webley Fire Sound

-United Offensive Webley Reload Sounds

-United Offensive 50 Cal Fire Sound

-United Offensive Panzerschreck Fire Sound

-United Offensive Bazooka Fire Sound

-United Offensive Panzerschreck Reload Sound

-United Offensive Bazooka Reload Sound

-United Offensive MG34 Packing Sound (For Portable MG42)

-United Offensive MG34 Unpacking Sound (For Portable MG42)

-All weapons reload sounds


All reload sounds have been edited to fix the MoHAA animations

I recommend getting this file too for a true CoD feel:




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