Deadly Weapons Realism Mod

Weapons on both sides are now equal in terms of their fire rate, accuracy, damage, and reload speed.

Tracers will show on every third sho...


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Weapons on both sides are now equal in terms of their fire rate, accuracy, damage, and reload speed.

Tracers will show on every third shot on the machine guns and SMGs. Tracers will show on all rifles. The rifle is very powerful and will kill 95% of the time.

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(The Pro Shop) Deadly weapons skill mod by Devourer.  For AA & SH

Thanks for checking out my little version of a some what realism mod..  I would like to thank Gunfighter for his mod which I thought was the most researched mod I have tried & without his work I wouldn't have never made my mod.

1st. My mod is focusing more on player skill & game balance than on how the guns actually handled in real life. What I have noticed in some realism mods is that the allies have the advantage on most weapons. Now all the weapons have been edited to kill very fast but every gun has an exact equal on the other side.. For instance. The mp40's fire rate, accuracy & bullet damage is exactly equal now to the Thompson, PPSH, & Sten. The Bars fire rate, accuracy & bullet damage is exactly equal to the STG. All Bolt action rifles have the exact same rate of fire, bullet damage, & accuracy. Also all the bolt action rifles are the most deadly as they require the most skill do to the reload factor after every shot. All semi auto rifles fire rate, bullet damage, & accuracy is the exact same. All rocket launchers movement has been limited pretty severely in an effort to discourage there use & lets face it, no1 can really run with 1 of those things anyway.. Every pic or film of any1 using 1 is in a fixed position. The shotgun hasn't been changed much from Gunfighters version other than I added a line to force the gun to have to be re-aimed after every shot like it has a lot of kick like a real shotgun in that time period would.. 1 thing you won't need to worry about is I have kept the ammo count & clip size true to what most realism mods have.

2nd. I have added tracers to every 3rd bullet on all the machineguns.. This is just for added effect & hasn't caused any extra lag on my server.. I added tracers to all the rifles on every shot as they do not fire nearly as much as an SMG..

If you are a rifle player then you should really like my edited version of the mod.. The rifle will kill in 1 shot 95% of the time.. Its the most skill required weapon & you should get a kill for just about every shot if your face to face with any1 using a SMG.

So far I have a lot of regular players on my server & no1 complains about the mod.. The mod is extremely balanced & all the weapons will kill in a maximum of 3 bullets. I made this mod in an effort to try to level the field in what is actually a game while still keeping the game fun & give credit to skilled players. Any feed back would be great but please keep in mind that this mod isn't 100% focused on how the guns were in real life. 

If you would like to tryout the mod first Here is the name of the server
"THE PRO SHOP. Where Newbies come to Die" Which is for Spearhead & Here is the ip address. The ip could change some time as its not static.

For instalation Put the .pk3 file in your mainta folder for SH & main folder for AA located at this path.

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA\mainta     = Spearhead

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA\main        = Allied Assault

1 last thing!!!!  This mod will work exactly the same in single player as in multiplayer!!!

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